DNA: 'Go back Rahul' slogans raised at OROP protest

Rahul Gandhi on Friday faced some resistance when he tried to join a protest by ex-servicemen over non-implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) as they insisted on not politicising the issue and questioned why he was "quiet" for 10 years when Congress was in power.

DNA: Pulwama encounter caught on camera

The 14-hour-long gunfight between the alleged Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists and Army jawans was caught on camera.

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Rival groups in Pakistan's Punjab end pre-partition enmity to give peace a chance

A pre-partition enmity between two families in Pakistan's Punjab province that claimed 125 lives has ended after the two sides struck a reconciliation deal.

Goutam Ghose explores Partition in his next film

Celebrated filmmaker Goutam Ghose explores Partition of Bengal as the subject of his next film.

Beyonce Knowles, Jay Z going separate ways?

Singer Beyonce Knowles and husband-rapper Jay Z will reportedly "lead separate lives" while touring.

Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z with bodyguard?

Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z with bodyguard?

Beyonce pays tribute to late fan

Pop star Beyonce paid reverence to her super fan Chelsea Lee James after she died from cancer last week.

`Kya Dilli, Kya Lahore` depicts the pain of Partition: Vijay Raaz

Actor Vijay Raaz, who is turning director with period war drama `Kya Dilli Kya Lahore`, says his film raises some pertinent questions while depicting the pain and agony of Partition.

Jay Z, Beyonce buy house in London?

Celebrity couple Jay-Z and Beyonce have reportedly bought themselves a sprawling 5.5 million pound London townhouse.

Man buried alive in Pakistan home in search of gold

A young Pakistani man, in search of gold that a soothsayer told him a Sikh family had hidden during partition, was buried alive in a 30-feet deep well dug by him in his house.

Beyonce, Jay Z holiday in Dominican Republic

Singers Beyonce and Jay Z are enjoying a vacation in Dominican Republic to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Beyonce`s `Partition` video receives 16m hits on YouTube

Beyonce`s latest official video of ` Partition` has received more than 16 million hits on YouTube.

Google Search: Reunion Video goes viral, reconnects India-Pakistan

Social media is abuzz with the Google ad which has touched millions of heart across the country. The advertisement by Google depicts two elderly friends who reunite for the first time after the partition of India and Pakistan.

31,619 displaced families of partition on records: J&K govt

A total of 31,619 families displaced in the 1947 partition are registered on its records, the Jammu and Kashmir government today told the Legislative Council.

Partition, India-Pakistan wars against Netaji`s vision: Daughter

Subhas Chandra Bose`s daughter termed partition of country and the resultant wars and arms race between India and Pakistan as a major disappointment.

Pakistan: The ‘birth’ of a problem

The creation of Pakistan was one of the bloodiest incidents of modern history. Sixty-three years on, the wound is still fresh and the chasms clear.

Sudan partition poses challenges for China

The looming partition of
Sudan after this week`s independence vote in the south poses
challenges for China.

M A Jinnah: From ‘Nationalist’ to ‘Communalist’

The nation had barely forgotten the Advani episode of eulogizing Jinnah when Jaswant Singh’s book once again stirred the pot of controversy.

M A Jinnah: From ‘Nationalist’ to ‘Communalist’

The nation had barely forgotten the Advani episode of eulogizing Jinnah when Jaswant Singh’s book once again stirred the pot of controversy.