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Jay Z to face paternity suit

Jay Z to face paternity suit

Jay Z has been reportedly sued by 21-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite, who claims that the popular rapper is his father.

Spanish court to consider paternity suits against ex-king

Spain`s Supreme Court will consider two paternity suits against former king Juan Carlos lodged by a waiter and his sister who believe they are the illegitimate children of the ex-monarch, a judicial source said on Thursday.

Spain`s Supreme Court receives paternity suit against ex-king

A paternity suit against Spain`s recently abdicated king Juan Carlos of Spain has been lodged with the nation`s Supreme Court by a waiter who believes he is the illegitimate son of the former monarch, a court spokeswoman said.

Paternity suit filed against Beyonce Knowles` father

A woman has filed a paternity suit against Beyonce Knowles` father, alleging he is a parent of her child.

ND Tiwari paternity row: Youth submits reports in HC in favour of claim

Rohit Shekhar, seeking to get ND Tiwari declared as his biological father, submitted before Delhi HC copies of recent news reports in which the Congress veteran reportedly admitted him as his son.

Rohit Shekhar says he wants to take care of his father ND Tiwari

On the day when former Uttar Pradesh chief minister ND Tiwari finally accepted him as his biological son, Rohit Shekhar said on Monday that he wanted to spend time with his father.

Delhi HC imposes Rs 2.5 lakh fine on ND Tiwari

The Delhi High Court Wednesday imposed a fine of Rs 2.5 lakh on veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari for repeatedly failing to adhere to its order.

Paternity suit: ND Tiwari`s cross examination fixed for August 21

Local Commissioner, appointed by Delhi High Court earlier fixed August 21 for cross examination of veteran Congress` ND Tiwari on youth`s paternity suit to declare Tiwari as his biological father.

Paternity suit against Michael Jordan dropped by accuser

A lawyer for a woman, who claims that Michael Jordan fathered her teenage son, withdrew the paternity suit against the basketball legend.

Paternity suit: Tiwari intended to adopt her son, says Rohit`s mom

The mother of Rohit Shekhar, who is seeking to declare ND Tiwari as his biological father, on Tuesday told a commission here that she was assured by the veteran Congress leader that he intended to adopt her son.

Trial commences in paternity suit against ND Tiwari

The trial in the paternity suit of Rohit Shekhar, seeking to declare veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari as his biological father, commenced.

ND Tiwari paternity suit: HC orders daily hearing

A youth`s paternity suit to declare ND Tiwari as his biological father was ordered to be heard on a day-to-day basis by the Delhi High Court.

Tiwari paternity suit: SC asks HC to decide it expeditiously

SC asked Delhi HC to adjudicate expeditiously the paternity suit filed against ND Tiwari by a youth who claims to be his biological son.

DNA report shouldn`t influence paternity suit: ND Tiwari

The Delhi High Court had, in its April 27 order, ordered Tiwari to undergo the DNA test in the paternity suit and also imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on the veteran leader.

Don`t make an issue of paternity suit: Tiwari

After losing a paternity suit against him, Congress veteran ND Tiwari on Friday said an "issue" should not be made out of the episode.

No one should be called a bastard: Rohit Shekhar

Rohit Shekhar said that the word bastard should not be used in the 21st century.

DNA test confirms ND Tiwari as Rohit Shekhar’s biological father

In a huge setback to ND Tiwari, the Delhi High Court on Friday made public the results of the DNA tests conducted on the veteran Congress leader confirming that he is the biological father of Rohit Shekhar.

Tiwari files appeal against order to open his DNA report

ND Tiwari moved the Delhi High Court on Thursday against its single judge`s order to open his DNA report on Thursday to decide the paternity suit of a youth claiming to be his biological son.

Tiwari urges court to keep DNA report confidential

Veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari Wednesday urged the Delhi High Court to keep the report of his DNA test confidential till the conclusion of the hearing in a paternity suit filed by a man claiming to be Tiwari`s biological son.

ND Tiwari moves HC for in-camera proceeding

Veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari on Wednesday moved the Delhi High Court.