Justin Bieber distanced from his mother

Justin Bieber distanced from his mother

 Singer Justin Bieber said his relationship with his mother is not going strong but they are trying to work on their bond.

Justin Bieber pays rent for mother

Pop sensation Justin Bieber has reportedly been paying USD 8,000 a month to cover his mother`s rent on her secret mansion.

Justin Bieber`s mother wants more kids

Troubled singer Justin Bieber`s mother Pattie Mallette says she would love to have more kids.

Justin Bieber records song with mother

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has recorded a track with his mother Pattie Mallette.

Justin Bieber claims he is `always working to get better`

Justin Bieber has revealed that he is always working to get better.

Justin Bieber`s mother concerned for him

Troubled singer Justin Bieber`s mother Pattie Mallette is reportedly concerned about her famous son, who has been in headlines for wrong reasons.

Justin Bieber`s mum refuses to admit son is `out of control

Pattie Mallette refused to admit that her son needs help despite his recent arrest in Miami for driving under influence without a valid license.

Justin Bieber showers praise on his mother

Justin Bieber thinks his mother Pattie Mallette is a beautiful person because she sacrificed a lot to raise him.

I am letting him be independent, says Justin Bieber`s mom

Pattie Mallette says her relationship with son Justin Bieber has undergone a fundamental change since he turned 18 last year.

Justin Bieber`s mum Pattie Mallette opens up about his behaviour

Justin Bieber`s mother Pattie Mallette has admitted that her son doesn`t always do the right thing.

Justin Bieber not happy with mother`s production plans?

Justin Bieber is reportedly not happy about her mother, Pattie Mallette, producing an anti-abortion film titled ‘Crescendo’.

Justin Bieber obeys his parents

Pop star Justin Bieber says he still obeys his parents even though he has turned 18.

Justin Bieber went through tough times

Justin Bieber`s mother Pattie Mallette says they weren`t financially sound earlier and at one stage of their lives, they couldn`t afford eating out luxuriously.