Rwanda lawmakers to debate third term for Kagame
Rwanda lawmakers to debate third term for Kagame

Rwandan lawmakers were set to debate Tuesday possible changes to the constitution to allow strongman Paul Kagame a third term in power as president.

Rwandan protestors demand British free arrested spy chief

Hundreds of Rwandan protestors marched on the British embassy in the capital Kigali Wednesday demanding London release their spy chief, arrested at the weekend for alleged crimes following the 1994 genocide.

Rwanda`s General "KK", a key player in the regime

General Karenzi Karake, Rwanda`s intelligence chief arrested in London on a European arrest warrant, has long been a key figure in the regime of President Paul Kagame.

US opposes third term for Rwanda`s Kagame: Diplomat

The United States would oppose any moves to allow Rwanda`s President Paul Kagame to stand for a third term in office, a State Department diplomat told AFP on Friday.

Rwanda Parliament to debate allowing Kagame to seek third term

Rwanda`s Parliament is to debate changing the country`s constitution in order to allow its strongman President Paul Kagame to stand for a third consecutive term in elections in 2017, an official said Wednesday.

Rwanda urged to take action against over BBC genocide documentary

 Rwandan investigators on Saturday urged the government to take action against the BBC and ban its radio programmes from the country`s airwaves over a controversial documentary questioning official versions of the 1994 genocide. 

Rwanda`s Kagame heads to France - but for UN meeting

Rwandan President Paul Kagame arrives in Paris Friday, his spokeswoman said, but for a UN meeting and is not expected to meet French officials while in the country, which he accuses of complicity in the 1994 genocide.

Gruesome bound and bagged body mystery on Burundi-Rwanda lake

Fishermen say the corpses started coming some two months ago: rotting bodies with bound limbs or stuffed in sacks, floating on the glittering waters of Lake Rweru on the border between Burundi and Rwanda.

Rwanda marks 20th anniversary of genocide

Kigali: Rwanda Monday began a week of activities to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide that saw the massacre of some 800,000 Tutsi victims.

US condemns killing of Rwandan ex-spy chief

The United States has condemned the killing of a former Rwandan spy chief and dissident found dead in a luxury Johannesburg hotel, and voiced concern over a threatening statement by Rwandan strongman Paul Kagame.

Rwandan presidency dismisses Kagame death rumours

Rwanda`s presidency on Friday dismissed rumours that the country`s leader Paul Kagame was dead.

Ex-Rwandan spy chief killing alights allegations

The killing of Rwanda`s former spy chief in South Africa has critics revisiting serious allegations against Western-backed President Paul Kagame that go back to the Central African nation`s 1994 genocide.

Kagame set for landslide in Rwanda presidential vote

Kagame is set for a landslide win in Rwanda`s 2nd poll since 1994 genocide.

Rwandan president reelected to head party

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has been reelected with a crushing majority to head the Rwandan Patriotic Front party that has been in power since 1994.

Kagame reshuffles Rwanda government

Rwandan President Paul Kagame reshuffled his government on Wednesday, appointing new foreign and finance ministers, according to an official statement.