Paul Walker's wrecked car thief sentenced to jail
Paul Walker's wrecked car thief sentenced to jail

  A man named Anthony Edward Janow has been sentenced to six months in jail for stealing parts of actor Paul Walker's wrecked Porshe Carrera GT in which he died last year.

Speed, old tyres killed actor Paul Walker

An investigation has found that the high-performance Porsche that Paul Walker was riding in was travelling up to 150kmh when it crashed and burst into flames.

Kurt Russell says Walker`s death creating catastrophic `Fast and Furious 7` rewrite

Kurt Russell, who has joined the cast of `Fast and Furious` franchise, has revealed that Paul Walker`s death has created a "catastrophic situation" for the writers of the latest installment.

Vin Diesel struggling with Paul Walker`s death

Vin Diesel is still mourning the loss of Paul Walker and says he is struggling to cope with the painful void since his co-star died in a car crash on November 30 last year.

Paul Walker`s death certificate reveals traumatic and thermal injuries as cause of death

Paul Walker`s death certificate states that the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries were the reason behind the actor`s death.

Paul Walker`s death caused by bumps on road?

Paul Walker`s family believes that road markers could have caused his car to crash, which led to the actor`s death.

Paul Walker`s funeral planned for weekend

Paul Walker`s family has planned a funeral for him this weekend with the cast and crew of his movie ‘The Fast and The Furious’.

Paul Walker`s `special` funeral plans underway

Paul Walker`s family wants to honour him in a special way and plans for his funeral are underway.

Paul Walker`s autopsy completed

Late actor Paul Walker`s autopsy has reportedly been completed by the coroner and the results will be announced soon.

Paul Walker`s accident caused by Porsche`s power steering fluid leak

Paul Walker`s car crash, which resulted in his death, was most likely caused by a power steering fluid leak in the Porsche hw was travelling in, according to reports.

Paul Walker`s long-term girlfriend `broken` by his sudden demise

Paul Walker`s girlfriend of 7 years is reportedly "broken up" over his death.

Paul Walker`s autopsy delayed

The body of actor Paul Walker, who died in a car crash Nov 30, is reportedly unidentifiable and the coroner needs his dental records to identify him.

I will miss you very much: Vin Diesel on Paul Walker`s death`

Vin Diesel, who co-starred with Paul Walker in the `Fast & Furious` series, says Walker`s sudden death has made him speechless and he is going to miss his presence terribly.