EBay`s PayPal president joins Facebook,to lead mobile messaging

Facebook announced it has hired the top executive of eBay`s PayPal division to lead the social network`s efforts to boost its mobile messaging.

Facebook set to launch `e-wallet service` in Europe

Facebook is gearing up to launch its e-wallet service that lets users store money on their social account to spend across the Web.

Group charged in PayPal cyber attack pleads guilty

A group of 13 defendants who had been charged in a cyber attack on PayPal`s website pleaded guilty and admitted to the December 2010 attack over PayPal`s suspension of WikiLeaks accounts.

Facebook testing mobile payment service

Social media giant Facebook is reportedly working on a small test for a new mobile payments service that would allow users to link their financial account details to the site and make purchases on apps using that information.

Elon Musk unveils futuristic "Hyperloop" transport

California billionaire Elon Musk took the wraps off his vision of a futuristic "Hyperloop" transport system on Monday.

Now, a fertility app that pays if you don`t get pregnant

A new app has been developed which pays for the expensive infertility treatment if a women doesn`t get pregnant with the app`s help.

New social network for positive people only

A new social network, called Happier, has been started by an entrepreneur, which is exclusively for happy people.

PayPal accidentally credits man $92 quadrillion

Oops! PayPal, the online money- transfer company, has accidentally credited a man in Delaware a whopping USD 92,233,720,368,547,800, making him by far the richest man in the world.

PayPal launches quest for intergalactic currency

Earthbound financial transactions service PayPal launched a quest for an intergalactic currency, saying it is time to figure out what space travellers will use as cash.

WikiLeaks revenge attacks cost PayPal £3.5 million

The self-styled hackers named the operation as `Operation Payback`.

Assange blasts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal for blocking cash

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has
blasted top payment companies from behind bars for blocking
donations to his website, saying he was determined to continue
revealing government secrets.

PayPal releases WikiLeaks funds, restricts account

PayPal is releasing all of the
remaining funds in an account set up to raise money for
WikiLeaks, but it will no longer accept donations for the

WikiLeaks battles to stay online

Sweden issued a new arrest warrant for WikiLeaks elusive boss Julian Assange.

Facebook ties up with PayPal to collect ad revenue

Facebook and PayPal Thursday announced a tie-up to use PayPal as the way to pay for Facebook`s advertising and developer systems.

Paypal suspends payment transactions in India

Online payment service provider Paypal has said it suspended certain types of payment transaction in India.

PayPal set to become global payment platform

PayPal is set to become the first truly global platform for payment.