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Loss of flight didn't cause change in penguin brains: Study

Loss of flight didn't cause change in penguin brains: Study

The researchers conducted the study in a penguin skull kept at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand.

A mother's dilemma, a virtual world, Nepal

The nightmare of being the mother of a 27-year-old, looking at a relationship through the lens of virtual reality and a journey through Nepal are some of the hand-picked gems IANS is treating its readers to this weekend. Take a look.

Scientists discover rapid change in New Zealand penguin species

Scientists discover rapid change in New Zealand penguin species

An international study has documented one of the most rapid biological transitions ever with the extinction of a unique New Zealand penguin and its replacement by another breed.

'Malgudi Schooldays' in illustrated re-edition

 Author R K Narayan's widely-loved masterpiece containing classic stories about the escapades of schooboy Swami and his friends, is now out in an illustrated re-edition.

Publishers Penguin, Wiley ink partnership

Penguin India today announced a new partnership with Wiley India, part of global publisher John Wiley & Sons, which has appointed the former as their exclusive distributor in the country.

Right-wing group disrupts reading from Doniger book

Members of right-wing group disrupted reading from controversial book by American scholar Wendy Doniger after its publisher recently decided to withdraw all copies of the work from India.

President asks people to reject intolerance

Noting that the country`s history and traditions have always celebrated the "argumentative" Indian rather than an "intolerant" Indian, President Pranab Mukherjee asked people to be "uncompromising" in rejecting intolerance.

Antarctic penguins thrived during Little Ice Age

Penguin populations in Antarctica surged during the Little Ice Age - a cold period between 1500 and 1800 AD, a new study suggests.

Mystery why penguins cannot fly solved: Scientists

The puzzle of why the penguin is unable to fly may have finally been solved, scientists say.

Penguin to amend e-book selling strategy

The commission has expressed its doubts over Penguin and other publishers'' commitments to limit retail price competition for e-books, however, the companies have also agreed to amend agreements over the next five years so as to make retail prices flexible enough for two-year discounts, reports.

EU approves merger of Penguin, Random House

The European Commission gave the go-ahead to the merger of Penguin and Random House to create the world's No. 1 publishing house, considering that the operation will not harm competition in Europe.

EU approves Penguin, Random House merger deal

The European Commission has approved the proposed merger of book publishers Penguin and Random House.

Penguins` efficient hunting techniques captured on cameras

Miniature cameras attached to Antarctic penguins have captured the bird`s speedy underwater hunting skills, Japanese scientists say.

`Prehistoric penguins dwarfed modern man`

Prehistoric penguins, standing two metres or six and a half feet tall, would dwarf most men today -- almost twice as tall as their modern counterparts at 3ft 11 inches.

US govt blasts Apple’s objections to lawsuit against e-books price fixing

Apple was accused of conspiring with five major book publishers to fix the price of e-books in an effort to take share from Amazon, the market leader.

Apple in price-fixing probe

Apple and five of the world's biggest publishers are under investigation for colluding to push up the price of electronic books by as much as 50 percent.

Penguin suspends library e-books, citing security

One of the country`s largest publishers, Penguin Group (USA), has suspended making e-editions of new books available to libraries.

Pregnant Allen feels like penguin

Pregnant pop star Lily Allen says she feels like a waddling penguin, thanks to her expanding baby bump.

"Lost" penguin perks up in NZ after surgery

A penguin washed up on New Zealand beach last week after straying thousands of kilometres from home.