Dozens of penguins wash up dead on coast of Uruguay

Dozens of penguins have shown up dead over the past three days on the coast of Uruguay, a government official said Thursday.

Penguins 'crap' over snow melt it

Scientists have found that penguins use their feces to melt snow in their breeding grounds.

How iconic emperor penguins survived last ice age
How iconic emperor penguins survived last ice age

A change in breeding habits and distinct genetic make up may have helped certain populations of the iconic emperor penguins survive the harsh climate during the last Ice Age, a study contends.

Penguins have bad sense of taste
Penguins have bad sense of taste

 A new study has revealed that penguins have no sense of taste as they have lost three of the five basic tastes over evolutionary time.

Penguin-bot to study flightless birds

 French researchers have developed a baby penguin robot to get up close and personal with penguins and study their behaviour.

Penguins' personalities prepare them to adapt climate change
Penguins' personalities prepare them to adapt climate change

A new study has revealed that personalities of the Penguins or birds help them to cope with the climate change.

Little penguins forage together

Most little penguins search for food in groups, and even synchronise their underwater movements during foraging trips, according to a new study.

Emperor penguins are more willing to relocate

Researchers have offered new insights on the long-term future of emperor penguins by showing that the penguins may be behaving in ways that allow them to adapt to their changing environment better than expected.

Climate change renders `already vulnerable` penguins` future uncertain

Scientists have said that changes in average climatic conditions combined with the increasing frequency of unpredictable, extreme weather events may disrupt scientific predictions of the future penguin populations.

Cooler climate helped evolution of penguins

Penguins waddled into the book of life around 20 million years ago and diversified thanks to global cooling which opened up Antarctica for habitation, a study said on Wednesday.

New Zealand scientists try to solve mystery of disappearing penguins

New Zealand scientists are preparing a study to solve one of nature`s great mysteries, the disappearance of a rapidly dwindling breed of penguin.

Space pictures pick up lots more penguins

Scientists counting emperor penguins from space have found twice as many of the birds in Antarctica as expected.

Penguins rally from brink of extinction

King penguin colonies have rallied from the brink of extinction and are well on the way to recovery.

A solar eclipse for penguins, sea leopards?

A partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and the Moon partially obscures the Sun as viewed from an Earth location.

Penguins in peril find refuge in New Zealand

La Nina had an impact on New Zealand`s penguins and thousands of birds could die this year.

Penguins in peril find refuge in New Zealand

"You`re a bit grumpy aren`t you mate," says conservationist Shirleen Helps as she expertly handles a squawking penguin doing its best to peck her unprotected fingers.

Atlantic oil spill threatens endangered penguins

An oil slick from a wrecked ship is threatening endangered penguins on Atlantic territory.

Ancient giant penguin unearthed in Peru

Colourful penguins did not don trademark black and white swimsuit 36 million years ago.

Hundreds of dead penguins dot Brazil`s beaches

Hundreds of penguins that apparently starved to death are washing up on the beaches of Brazil.

Penguins, sea lions help map marine ecosystem

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and BirdLife International have released the first-ever comprehensive atlas of the Patagonian Sea -- a globally important but poorly understood South American marine ecosystem.