Meet the painter who creates royal portraits with his erect 'willy' paintbrush

A Vancouver-born artist uses his penis as a paintbrush to create royal portraits.

Iggy Azalea quashes 'born a man named Cody' rumor

 Iggy Azalea has quashed the rumors that she was born a man and her name is Cody.

Here's the Danish artist's 'penis painting' of Kim K's Paper mag butt pic

A Danish artist has used his flaccid penis as a brush and some quality paints to paint Kim Kardashian's 'Break the Internet' naked snap featuring her oiled-up butt.

Human penis transplants could be reality in just five years

 Scientists have revealed that after successful surgeries in rabbits, penis transplant in humans can be just five years away.

Soon, lab-grown penises for people with congenital abnormalities

A new research has revealed that lab-grown penises for people with congenital abnormalities are ready to be tested on men.

Female Brazilian cave insects have penises

Researchers have discovered that the Brazilian insects, which represent four distinct but related species in the genus Neotrogla, are the first example of an animal with sex-reversed genitalia.

Judge blocks release of Justin Bieber`s `penis showing` arrest video

A Miami judge has blocked the release of a video footage of Justin Bieber`s DUI arrest, which shows his penis

Shia LaBeouf sent pic of penis to get `Nymphomaniac` role

Shia LaBeouf has confessed that he had sent a snapshot of his penis to the production team of Lars Von Trier `s upcoming film `Nymphomaniac`.

Maduro screws up Bible`s anecdote, says `multiply the penises`

Nicolas Maduro was apparently reading the iconic biblical anecdote in Spanish which is written as `Cristo multiplico los peces y los panes` and the Spanish word for penises- `penes` is just a letter away.

`Nude` UK man cuts off penis with kitchen knife

A naked man chopped off his own penis with a kitchen knife in front of horrified onlookers in Penryn, Cornwall.

Mars Rover draws penis on Red planet

Like any bored schoolboy, the Mars Rover is now passing the hours by drawing crude pictures of the male anatomy.

My sex tape co-star has a small penis, says `Teen Mom` Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham hit out at her sex tape partner James Deen, who confessed that the video`s producers had asked him to pretend that he was dating her, by making fun of his manhood.

Man with largest penis gives tips to Jon Hamm over genital size

Jonah Falcon, who has the world`s largest penis measuring 13.5 inches, wants to offer his support to US actor Jon Hamm, who is bothered by the attention being paid to the size of his own genitals.

Taiwanese woman divorces hubby over `small penis`

A 52-year-old Taiwanese woman has been granted divorce from her husband of four years after she claimed that his penis, which reportedly measured in at 5 centimetres, was too small.

UK man bedded over 100 women despite not having a penis

A man from Manchester, who claims that he has slept with more than 100 women, has a secret that he has kept from all his admiring pals - he was born without a penis.

New turmoil in Arab world: French PM`s name

French Prime Minister Jean Marc Ayrault`s surname, when pronounced, sounds like the word "penis" in Arabic.

Sri Lanka: Woman bites off lover`s penis

The man, identified as Chandana Pradeep, had argued with the woman after she refused to give him money for alcohol.

Bangladesh woman cuts off attacker`s penis

A 40-year-old Bangladeshi woman cut off a man`s penis during an alleged attempted rape and took it to a police station as evidence.

Outrage over Oklahoma church’s display of Jesus with penis

Churchgoers in Oklahoma are reportedly outraged with a crucifix in a Catholic church that they say shows an image of genitalia on Jesus.

Lab-grown penis brings hope to men

Researchers at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center`s Institute for Regenerative Medicine say they have found a way to replace penile erectile tissue and function in animals.