Top contender for Pentagon job bows out: Source

A former senior US defense official touted as the most likely candidate to succeed Chuck Hagel as Pentagon chief has taken herself out of the running, a source familiar with the situation told AFP on Tuesday.

Behind Hagel's ouster, tensions over Syria and Obama's team

From the moment he was appointed last year, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had a troubled relationship with President Barack Obama`s tight-knit White House national security team. As the bombing intensified in Iraq and Syria, so did his problems.

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel out as IS war heats up
US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel out as IS war heats up

President Barack Obama announced the departure of US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Monday, with the White House under fire over perceived fumbling in its response to the Islamic State threat.

India played productive role inside Afghanistan: US

Praising India for playing a useful and productive role inside war-torn Afghanistan, the US Friday said it is looking forward to India's leadership and its continued participation in regional security.

Hagel says US military accelerating mission to train Iraqi troops

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Sunday the Pentagon will accelerate its mission to train Iraqi forces to combat Islamic State militants, using troops already in Iraq to start the effort while funding is sought for a broader initiative.

US nuclear woes: Pentagon chief orders a shakeup

Pledging firm action to support the men and women who handle the world's most powerful and deadly weapons, the Pentagon will spend an additional USD 10 billion to correct deep problems of neglect and mismanagement within the nation's nuclear forces, Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said.

Troubled US nuclear force needs reform, funds: Hagel

 The US nuclear force is plagued by declining morale, manpower shortages and mismanagement that could jeopardize its safety and effectiveness, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Friday.

The US `triad` of nuclear weapons

 The Pentagon vowed Friday to reform how it manages the US military`s vast nuclear arsenal after government reviews found low morale among missile crews, manpower shortfalls and poor leadership.

Russia plans long-range bomber flights near North American waters: Agency

 Russia said on Wednesday it planned to send long-range bombers on flight patrols over North American waters, including the Gulf of Mexico, but the Pentagon played down Moscow`s mission as routine training in international airspace.

50 US troops arrive in western Iraq: Pentagon

US troops have deployed to Iraq`s frontline western province of Anbar for the first time in the fight against Islamic State jihadists, with 50 preparing the way for a larger contingent, the Pentagon said Monday.

Pentagon can't confirm fate of Islamic State leader

The US military can not confirm reports that the Islamic State group leader may have been struck in an airstrike, but a Pentagon official suggested on Monday that lower-level figures may have been hit.

Pak using militants as proxies to counter Indian Army: Pentagon
Pak using militants as proxies to counter Indian Army: Pentagon

In a blunt assessment of terrorist safe havens in Pakistan, the Pentagon has told the US Congress that the country is using militant groups as proxies to counter the superior Indian military.

Boeing exec says NASA crash underscores need for new US Engine
Boeing exec says NASA crash underscores need for new US Engine

The crash of an unmanned Orbital Sciences Antares rocket is a "wake-up call" to the U.S. space community about the need to develop a new U.S. rocket engine, the head of Boeing Co`s defense division said on Thursday.

US airdrops aid for Sunnis in western Iraq: Pentagon

US cargo planes have parachuted aid to a beleaguered Sunni tribe in western Iraq, the Pentagon said Tuesday, in a sign Iraqi government forces remain in a tenuous position against Islamic State jihadists in Anbar province.

`India, US officials discuss military ties and global security issues

The US and India will continue to work together to further strengthen their military-to-military relations as the top defence officials of the two countries have discussed a range of bilateral security issues.

US air war on IS costing $8.3 million a day: Pentagon

The Pentagon has revised its estimate of the cost of the US air war in Iraq and Syria, saying the price tag for the campaign against the Islamic State group comes to about $8.3 million a day.

Fresh US-led airstrikes hit IS targets in Syria,Iraq: Pentagon

The Pentagon confirmed today a fresh round of air strikes by the US military and coalition partners against Islamic State group targets in Syria and Iraq.

Centre gives nod to defence projects worth Rs 80,000 crores
Centre gives nod to defence projects worth Rs 80,000 crores

The government on Saturday cleared defence purchases worth Rs 80,000 in a Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) meet presided over by Cabinet Minister Arun Jaitley.

One weapons bundle seized by militants: Pentagon

The Pentagon is confirming that Islamic State group militants were able to seize one of the 28 bundles of weapons and medical supplies dropped to Kurdish forces.

US probing arms seizure by IS

 The Pentagon is investigating if one of the 28 caches of weapons and medical supplies airdropped to Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Syria has been seized by the radicals, officials said.