Jay Z to launch perfume for men

Music producer-singer Jay Z is launching his first fragrance for men Nov 20.

Perfumes help Kerry Washington to adapt characters

Actress Kerry Washington says she changes her perfume every time she gets a new role as it helps her to get under the character`s skin.

Good scent sticks in Justin Bieber`s memory

Singer Justin Bieber says that certain scents are attached to his memories and remind him of different things.

Hollywood actress Liv Tyler loves to collects perfumes

Hollywood actress Liv Tyler says she likes to collect perfumes with fragrances that evoke memories of her past.

Choice of fragrance influenced by your own body odour

Have you ever wondered why it often becomes difficult to buy perfume for others?

Soon, new Beckham perfumes and underwears

Beckham fans can be in for a ball as the ace soccer star is all set to release his own underwear range and a fragrance.

Aguilera`s perfumes inspired by mom

Christina Aguilera`s new fragrances have been inspired by her mother.

Taylor Swift reminded of ex-flames by perfumes

Swift says that there are perfumes which leave her sad as they remind her of the ex-boyfriends who left her heartbroken.