Periodontitis linked to heart disease

Researchers have recently connected the molecular dots between Periodontitis and heart disease.

Blueberry extract could treat gum infection

 Scientists have discovered that wild blueberry extracts help prevent dental plaque formation and treat severe gum diseases.

Brushing teeth regularly can save you from future heart attacks

Want to avoid future risk of heart attack? Keep brushing your teeth regularly, says a new study.

Mouth bacteria change diet as per body health

In what could lead to better ways to prevent or even reverse the gum disease periodontitis and diabetes, researchers have found that bacteria inside your mouth drastically change how they act when you are sick.

Oetzi the Iceman had gum disease!

Oetzi the Iceman, Europe`s oldest known natural mummy of a man who lived around 3,300 BCE, indeed suffered from periodontitis, examination of its non-human DNA confirmed.

Untreated gum problems may lead to organ failure, cancer

Do your parents nag you to brush your teeth before going to bed and after meals? If yes, then pay heed to their words as it can save you from the terrible consequences six-year-old Shivam Vatsayan had to face only because he skipped brushing his teeth.

De-worming drug could help protect against periodontitis too

A drug currently used to treat intestinal worms may protect people from periodontitis, an advanced gum disease.

World`s oldest wet mummy Otzi suffered from periodontitis

The 3D computer tomography reconstructions give an insight into the oral cavity of the Iceman and shows how severely he was suffering from advanced periodontitis.

Bugs in mouth shed light on gum disease

A study of microbes from the human mouth has provided insight into periodontitis, a disease marked by inflammation and infection of the ligaments and bones that support the teeth.

Inflamed gum triples risk of erectile disorder

Inflamed gums, caused by severe periodontal disease, tripled chances of erectile dysfunction (ED) among men in their 30s, according to a Turkish study.

Gum disease may trigger severe arthritis

A new research at the University of Adelaide has revealed strong evidence of a link between a common type of gum disease and severe arthritis.

Combat bad breath with rays of `light`

Bacteria in saliva which causes bad breath can be killed by exposure to blue light from tooth-whitening lamps, a study has claimed.

Fish oil may help reduce symptoms of Periodontitis

Taking fish oil may help reduce symptoms of Periodontitis, inflammation of the tissue surrounding the teeth, say researchers.

Top doctors aim to fix record on gums-heart link

American Heart Association (AHA) issued a "scientific statement" concluding that gum disease has not been shown to raise the risk of, let alone cause cardiovascular illness.

Protein loss causes old-age gum disease

A drop in the level of protein called Del-1 is why gum diseases become more common with old age, says a new research.