Tool to reveal your personality via Facebook posts
Tool to reveal your personality via Facebook posts

 Researchers from University of Cambridge have developed a free new online tool that will scan your Facebook profile and let you know what others think of you.

Astrology and celeb: How birth month influences personality traits

A statistical analysis of birth month and celebrity has found that individuals born under certain astrological signs are likelier to become famous.

Why Facebook posts can't reveal personality traits anymore
Why Facebook posts can't reveal personality traits anymore

The privacy changes in the recent past on the social networking site Facebook have made it difficult to reveal personalities of people peeping into your profile or 'liking' your posts, say researchers.

Facebook posts can reveal if you are a `psychopath`

Facebook posts can be used to predict whether a user has a range of `dark` personality traits, Swedish researchers have revealed.

Men`s personalities can reveal how many kids they have

Men with open, outgoing personalities may have more offspring, a new study has revealed.

Facebook language can help predict age, gender, personality and traits of users: Study

In a latest study, conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, it has been revealed that the language used in posts and statuses on social media site Facebook can help provide insight into user`s age, gender, personality and other traits.

Scientists prove `birds of a feather flock together`

Scientists have found that reserved male great tit birds have been found to seek the company of similar birds to themselves proving the age old saying- ` Birds of a feather, flock together`.

Personality traits can affect fertility, study finds

A new study has found a link between men`s and women`s personalities and the likelihood of them having kids.

Less active female mice tend to live longer

A new study has found that female mice with greater life expectancy are less active and less explorative than their fellow females with lower life expectancy.

Nurture not nature determines personality traits among birds

A new study has found that foster parents have a greater influence on the personalities of fostered offspring than the genes inherited from birth parents.

Chimps have 5 universal personality traits

A new research provides strong support for the universal existence of five personality dimensions in chimpanzees.

Weight gain tied to changes in personality

Adding a few kilos can make people more thoughtful about their actions but they are also more likely to give in to temptations, a new study has found.

Taste in wine can reveal your personality traits: Study

Red wine drinkers are wealthier, more educated and happier than average people - but lovers of white wine are more practical, according to a new study.

Your heartbeat ‘hints at your personality traits’

Researchers from Germany, identified heartbeat “signatures” — wave patterns in the heart’s electrical activity — that were linked with personality traits.

Dion`s twins already showing personality traits

Dion says that her week-old twin sons have already started showing distinct personality traits.