Google's 'Password Alert' to thwart phishing attacks
Google's 'Password Alert' to thwart phishing attacks

Google has launched a new Chrome add-on that stops users from recycling their Google password on other sites.

Junk 'information-rich' e-mails to avoid fraud

Indian American researcher Arun Vishwanath from the University at Buffalo has revealed that online phishers are increasingly using "information-rich" e-mails with graphics, logos and markers that communicate authenticity to lure people.

Facebook users at more risk of social media scams: Study
Facebook users at more risk of social media scams: Study

Habitual use of Facebook makes individuals susceptible to social media phishing attacks by criminals, an Indian-origin researcher has found.

Nearly 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords leaked online
Nearly 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords leaked online

In a latest data breach incident, a database containing nearly 4.93 million usernames and passwords for Google accounts like Gmail have been reportedly posted online by cyber criminals.

Email authentication reduces phishing scams: Google

The development of email authentication standards has finally reduced email phishing scams, according to Google security researchers.

NYT `phishing attack` may have come from Indian ISP

The latest attack on the New York Times` website is speculated to have come from an internet service provider based in India.

`Phishing` scams explode worldwide: Researchers

Those insidious email scams known as phishing, in which a hacker uses a disguised address to get an Internet user to install malware, rose 87 percent worldwide in the past year, a security firm said Friday.

Cyber attack on White House: `No breach of classified system`

The White House has said that it has experienced a "spear phishing attack against an unclassified network".

Facebook launches new system to report phishing attacks

Social networking giant Facebook has formed a new reporting system that would prevent the service from scammers and phishing attacks.

E-mail biggies join hands to fight spam

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL and Facebook are setting aside their online rivalry to fight a common enemy: email spam and "phishing" attacks.

Now, picture password to protect online account!

Here`s some good news -- researchers claim to have developed picture password for your online account, which will also help protect against hacking.

India among top 3 phishing targets

India along with the US and UK accounted for 70% of the brands targeted by phishing in April.

India home for phishing emails: IBM

Public and pvt cos around the world faced sophisticated, customized IT security threats in 2010.

Facebook bug that allows personal data access, phishing repaired

A Facebook security threat that would allow anyone to access your personal data has been repaired.

Online shopping brings about more `phishing` in China

With low prices, discounts and the ease of buying, online shopping has attracted more than 100 million netizens in China in recent times, and with it a lot of "phishing".

India tops in originating spam, phishing in Asia: Report

Hackers have kept pace with India`s leap into the internet world, making the country number one in Asia for originating the highest number of spams and phishing, says a study by global security solutions provider Symantec.

How fake sites trick search engines to hit the top

With a little sleight of hand, con artists can dupe search engines into giving top billing to fraudulent Web sites that prey on consumers, making unwitting accomplices of companies such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Wired for trouble: Hindustan Times

Sure, your computer has made life a lot easier than it ever was, but it has also brought with it cyber criminals who are keeping the Mumbai police up every night.

Gmail,Yahoo hit by phishing scheme

Users of Google`s Gmail and Yahoo Mail were also targeted in the large-scale phishing attack that harvested at least 10,000 passwords from Microsoft`s Live Hotmail, according to reports Tuesday.