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Scientists create $100 smartphone-powered 3D printer

A team of scientists in Taiwan has created a $100 smartphone-powered 3D printer that uses visible light emitted from a phone to cure the resin instead of the traditional method of using UV light or lasers, a media report said.

MasterCard may go for selfies to authorize payments

 If you never felt inclined towards taking selfies, you may have to change your habit now. MasterCard is mulling to introduce a new technology that allows shoppers to authorise a payment with a selfie instead of a password or signature.

Gruesome! Why did a man in China bite off his wife’s nose, eat it up

A man in China reportedly bit off his wife's nose and ate it after she did not pick up his calls.The couple, from the city of Dezhou in China, allegedly got into a fight after the woman did not answer her husband's calls after a late work shift earlier this week.

Bharti Airtel to sell phone masts in Tanzania, Malawi: Source

Bharti Airtel`s planned disposal of mobile phone towers in Africa will see it sell masts in Tanzania to Helios Towers, while units in Malawi will go to Eaton Towers, a person with knowledge of the deal said on Wednesday.

Nokia 130 dual-SIM phone launched in India for Rs 1,848

The phone is aimed at the entry level mobile user. It has a 1.8-inch LCD panel with 128x168 pixels.

Now, charge phone battery by playing music at it

Scientists have created a prototype panel capable of charging a cellphone off environmental vibrations like music or dinner conversation.

Soon, wearable energy T-shirts could charge your phones

One day, donning a T-shirt could mean you`re also sporting a smart device charger.

Now, an app to stop cyber bullying over phone!

A new application is being launched that will stop cyber bullying among children through their mobile phones.

Google`s new phone to double as credit card

Google has teamed up with Citigroup and Mastercard to develop the mobile payment system.

A stick-on film that protects phone users from radiation

Israeli firm invented a stick-on film that protect cell phone users from electromagnetic radiation.

Spectacles with display to give travel directions

A pair of lightweight glasses which overlay the wide digital content was showcased for the 1st time in Japan.

‘Onion layer technology’ could power phone for days

A new super capacitor is powerful enough to power your laptop or phone for days.

Now, software that decodes emotions over the phone

An Israeli company called eXaudios has developed a new computer program that can not only predict a caller`s emotional state over the phone, but may also diagnose a range of medical conditions.

Coming soon, breath-controlled cell phones?

Thought touch-pad screen phone was the pinnacle of mobile technology? Well, here’s some news for you – Breath-controlled technology has hit the science town.

Another use for your phone: `augmented reality`

You`re on the street, looking for a good place to eat. You hold up your mobile and use it like the viewfinder, so the screen shows what`s in front of you.