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Ultrafast LEDs to allow for light-based communications

Researchers have set a new speed record after making fluorescent molecules emit photons of light 1,000 times faster than normal, an advance that paves the way for superfast light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Scientists successfully teleport particle of light across 25 kilometres

Scientists have succeeded in teleporting the quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 kilometres of optical fibre .

Photon router sets stage for quantum computers

In an effort to overcome the difficulties in building quantum computers, scientists have developed a photonic router - a quantum device based on a single atom that enables routing of single photons (particles of light).

Natural evolution inspires more efficient organic solar cells

A geometrically-patterned light scattering layer designed by McCormick researchers could make solar cells more efficient and less expensive.

Quantum teleportation used to beam a single photon 97km

Two teams of researchers have extended the reach of quantum teleportation to unprecedented lengths, and the groundbreaking research could be a step towards creating quantum computers and other technology operating at speeds far in excess of current limits.

There`s no such thing as empty space!

Scientists claim to have produced particles of light out of vacuum, proving that space is not empty.