How dust affects light reaching us from stars

Researchers have showed that the laws used since 1989 to calculate the extinction of light produced by dust had serious limitations.

Now, camera that takes 3D photos in complete darkness

A new has been developed that can create 3D-images in almost pitch-black conditions.

How to harvest double the amount of current from solar cells

Researchers are trying to improve efficiency is to split energy available from visible photons into two, which leads to a doubling of the current in the solar cell.

There may be two Higgs bosons, not one

Latest release from the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) has indicated that scientists have found two particles contending for the title of Higgs boson.

World record for entanglement of twisted light quanta set

Researchers have developed a new method for entangling single photons that gyrate in opposite directions.

Physicists set sights on `spacetime cloak`

Scientists have conceived of a `spacetime cloak` which manipulates light and conceals whole events from a viewer.