Ground-breaking find can challenge Big Bang theory
Ground-breaking find can challenge Big Bang theory

A research has been published that can challenge the underlying principles of physics.

Committee recommends major changes in IIT entrance examination
Committee recommends major changes in IIT entrance examination

The CEP has also suggested that changes in the structure of JEE shall be effected from 2017 onwards.

Wikipedia info on global warming unreliable: Study
Wikipedia info on global warming unreliable: Study

Wikipedia entries on politically controversial scientific topics such as global warming can be unreliable due to information sabotage.

Breakthrough achievement in scientists' effort to redefine `kilogram`

A research team from Italy, Japan and Germany has made the ongoing international effort to redefine the kilogram by 2018 much easier by correlating two of the most precise measurements of Avogadro's number and obtaining one averaged value.

CISCE mulls merging 3 science papers for Class X exams

The Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) is considering merging the three science subjects into one paper, and history, geography and civics into another for ICSE Class X board examinations on the lines of CBSE.

Fundamental laws of science questionable: Indian researcher

A Shimla-based researcher, who picked holes in Isaac Newton's laws of motion, Albert Einstein's mass energy equation and Archimedes' principle, Saturday sought debate on his work on fundamental laws of science.

Physics of food shows secrets of popcorn

To most people, it may be just a fun food to munch while watching a movie.

Tales of a drum-playing, safe-cracking physics Nobel laureate

Scientists are perceived as absent-minded geniuses on some exalted plane of existence, oblivious to their appearance or ordinary matters in their quest to understand and explain the mysteries of nature.

Why US observatory, pundit can give astronomical predictions: Rajnath Singh

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said the next door pundit can give astronomical predictions and one need not depend on US observatories, emphasising on contributions of ancient Indian knowledge.

Centre approves high-end Neutrino project

India will soon join the global high-end scientific Neutrino Club as the Centre has given its nod to launch a project for experiments in high energy physics, an expert said on Tuesday.

Gravity may have saved universe from collapsing after Big Bang
Gravity may have saved universe from collapsing after Big Bang

 A new study has revealed that gravity may have saved the universe from collapsing immediately after the Big Bang.

China`s super collider a game changer?

A proposal by China to build a "Higgs factory" by 2028 - a 52 km underground ring that would smash together electrons and positrons - has raised the possibility of the country coming to the forefront of particle physics.

Where has all the antimatter gone?

Researchers have claimed that a new study has brought us a step closer to understanding where all the antimatter has gone.

World`s first room-temperature superconductor comes closer to reality

Researchers including an Indian origin scientist are now one step closer to developing the world`s first room-temperature superconductor.

Physics behind cowboy`s lasso trick revealed

A scientist has created a mathematical recipe for the simplest trick - the flat loop.

Scientists discover new particle called `quantum droplet` that acts like liquid

Researchers in Germany and the United States have discovered a new type of quasiparticle dubbed as the quantum droplet, or “dropleton”.

Soon, battery that have better efficiency than traditional ones

Researchers have fabricated a cathode (positive electrode) of lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) in which the compound`s individual grains are aligned in a specific orientation, which they claim yields a significantly higher-performing battery than one with a randomly-oriented LiCoO2 cathode.

Quantum memory world record smashed

A fragile quantum memory state has been shown to survive at room temperature for a world record 39 minutes, overcoming a key barrier towards building ultrafast quantum computers.

Stephen Hawking says God particle discovery makes physics boring

Stephen Hawking has said that physics would have been more interesting if the Higgs boson particle hadn`t been found.

New mathematical model brings quantum computers closer to reality

A research team has developed a mathematical model for a type of microscopic test lab that could provide new and deeper insight into the world of quantum particles.