Gamblers think like 'pigeons' while taking risks

A new study has revealed that gamblers' and pigeons' brain works in a similar way, while making risky decisions.

Taiwan busts racing pigeon kidnapping ring

Five people have been arrested in northern Taiwan for allegedly kidnapping dozens of racing pigeons for ransom, police said on tuesday.

Pigeons can place everyday things in categories like humans

Researchers at the University of Iowa have found that pigeons share human`s ability to place everyday things in categories.

Pigeons may be smarter than thought

Researchers have found that pigeons have the human-like ability to place everyday things in categories.

Pigeons use mental map to navigate

Homing pigeons fly off from an unknown place in unfamiliar territory and still manage to find their way home using a mental map, a new study has revealed.

Pigeons learn to use touch screens to solve challenging problems

A new research by psychologists at the University of Iowa has suggested that pigeons are capable of making highly intelligent choices, sometimes with problem-solving skills to match.

Over 500 pigeons drop dead in Bihar village

More than five hundred pigeons suddenly dropped dead at a village in Bihar`s Bhagalpur district over the last four days, causing residents, some of them pigeon-keepers, to fear that something was amiss.

Pigeons have `GPS in brain` to assist in navigation

Certain neurons in pigeon brains encode the direction and intensity of Earth`s magnetic field, providing the common birds with an internal global positioning system.

Bird flu panic abates in Meghalaya

Authorities Saturday gave the all-clear signal and calmed the panic in Meghalaya after clinical tests on dead pigeons proved negative for bird flu.

Pigeons can count as well as monkeys, says study

Researchers in New Zealand having discovered that pigeons can actually count as well as monkeys.

Pigeons `never forget a face`

Even feral and untrained pigeons can recognise individuals and are not fooled
by a change of clothes.

I’ve found happiness with pigeons, says Mike Tyson

The 44-year-old, a retired boxer, says it was not just his fighting skills and tough structure that made him a known figure.

Heavyweight belts are garbage, pigeons are family: Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has expressed his love for pigeons and nonchalance for his heavyweight belts.