Gene editing technique may help in pig-to-human organ transplant

The CRISPR-Cas9 technique is a powerful method for editing genes, and it could help make pig organs safe to use in humans.

Scare for Pranab jet as pigs invade runway; govt seeks report

In a serious safety breach, Nagpur airport runway was intruded by a drove of pigs when President Pranab Mukherjee's jumbo Boeing 737 was taxiing towards the runway after landing on Monday, prompting the Civil Aviation Ministry to seek a report.

Japanese scientists try to grow human organs in pigs

Professor Hiromitsu Nakauchi will conduct a series of experiments in August to develop human organs in pigs, the cells of which can be used for human transplants, Nikkei Asian Review reported on Thursday.

Pigs as smart as chimps!
Pigs as smart as chimps!

 Scientists have found that pigs have excellent long-term memory and can solve problems just as good as chimpanzees.

Exclusive: Pigs spotted playing with aborted female foetus in Gurgaon

Horrific: Pigs were spotted playing with an aborted female foetus in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Roast pigs and mudbaths mark colourful Philippine festivals

Roast pigs decked out as superheroes and mud-coated farmers paraded in separate Philippine villages Tuesday in two of the mainly Catholic nation`s most colourful religious festivals.

Study reveals how cattle evolved to have 2 toes

A new study has revealed that during evolutionary diversification of vertebrate limbs, the number of toes in even-toed ungulates such as cattle and pigs was reduced and transformed into paired hooves.

Skin grafts from genetically modified pigs may help treat seriously burned patients

A specially-bred strain of miniature swine lacking the molecule responsible for the rapid rejection of pig-to-primate organ transplants may provide a new source of skin grafts to treat seriously burned patients.

Animals may become human organ donors: Researchers

Advances in transplant technology could allow for the use of animal organs in humans some day, researchers say.

Over 130 dead pigs dumped in China`s river

At least 131 dead pigs have been dumped into a major river in China`s eastern Jiangxi Province which provides drinking water to the provincial capital, causing concern among the local residents.

Scientists create glow-in-the-dark pigs

Scientists in China have used jellyfish DNA to create glow-in-the-dark piglets that emit a fluorescent green light.

Italian mafia boss fed alive to pigs by rival clan

Francesco Raccosta, a mafia boss in Italy, was beaten with iron rods by a rival clan and later thrown at sly for pigs to eat him alive.

European hunter-gatherers reared pigs even in 4600BC

A new research suggests that European hunter-gatherers acquired domesticated pigs from nearby farmers as early as 4600BC.

Oink Oink! No five-star morsels for Goa pigs

Pigs reared in Goa will no longer get to eat the choicest leftovers from five-star hotels.

Flu strains circulating in pigs and birds show pandemic potential

A new study from MIT led by an Indian origin scientist has identified influenza viruses circulating in pigs and birds that could pose a risk to humans.

DC`s asked to issue prohibitory orders banning pig import

Mizoram Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department has asked all the deputy commissioners of the districts adjoining Myanmar to issue prohibitory orders banning import of pigs from that country.

Number of dead pigs in and near Shanghai goes to 11,955

The number of dead pigs retrieved from waters in and near China`s financial hub of Shanghai has reached nearly 12,000.

Chinese pig farm admits dumping corpses into river

A Chinese pig farm has admitted to dumping thousands of pigs into the Huangpu River, contaminating the main source of drinking water for millions of residents in of Shanghai, the country`s largest metropolis.

46 convicted in China for selling diseased pigs meat

Amid concerns over thousands of carcasses of pigs clogging Shanghai river, a court in China`s Zhejiang Province on Wednesday convicted 46 people involved in processing and selling meat from diseased pigs.

Dead pigs continue to flood Shanghai river

Nearly 6,000 dead pigs have been found in Shanghai`s Huangpu river, a key source of drinking water for millions of residents in China`s largest metropolis, as the carcasses continued to clog the water body.