Acne woes? Follow these simple tips to keep pimples at bay

Acne woes? Follow these simple tips to keep pimples at bay

Acne, or simply known as pimples, is a common skin problem that occurs when oil and dead skin cells clog up your pores. 

Apr 10, 2018, 16:27 PM IST
Acne may lead to increased risk of depression

Acne may lead to increased risk of depression

For the study, published in The British Journal of Dermatology, researchers included data from The Health Improvement Network (THIN) from 1986 to 2012.

Feb 07, 2018, 18:29 PM IST
Here's how you can enjoy an acne-free monsoon

Here's how you can enjoy an acne-free monsoon

The simple skin abscesses, a swollen area containing an accumulation of pus, is caused by Staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria.

Jul 01, 2017, 23:33 PM IST
Give your skin a fruity blast – Combat acne with these five fruits!

Give your skin a fruity blast – Combat acne with these five fruits!

Going natural is definitely the right way, especially when you're dealing with such a sensitive skin condition like acne.

Jan 03, 2017, 12:24 PM IST

Acne woes? You may be protected against ageing!

The new findings may lighten the hearts of many young girls who have itchy red pimples on their faces, which otherwise give them a feeling of insecurity and rejection. 

Oct 04, 2016, 13:06 PM IST

Try these super simple home remedies to get rid of acne scars! – Watch video

Because it won't go on its own and we obviously need it to immediately, most people resort to the quickest possible way to make them disappear. Pop them.

Aug 07, 2016, 23:25 PM IST

Easy tips to keep acne at bay!

Acne can pop up any time and its causes are many. It could be a genetic problem or hormonal or constipation or simply lifestyle issues. 

Jun 13, 2016, 15:38 PM IST

Get rid of pimples with these simple home remedies!

We all want to look good and we get upset whenever a pimple pops up on our face.

Jun 03, 2016, 13:40 PM IST

Guard yourself against problems, sugar addicts!

If you are constantly craving sweet foods, you are a sugar addict! Beware against headaches and brush your teeth well.

Sep 06, 2015, 16:23 PM IST

Yoga your way to glowing skin!

Add yoga to your daily routine if you want glowing and healthy skin.

Sep 03, 2015, 16:50 PM IST

Say no to vitamin B12 to keep pimples at bay

Tired of pimples on your skin? A new research claims that staying away from vitamin B12 will keep off painful acne.

Jun 25, 2015, 18:20 PM IST
Cast out monsoon skin woes

Cast out monsoon skin woes

Painful pimples might be driving you crazy in this monsoon season. You try to cure them by beauty products are they pop up back. Resolve your skin problems by simple home remedies. Dr.

Sep 27, 2014, 17:11 PM IST

Skin care: 5 easy ways to keep pimples at bay

Acne is amongst the most common skin problems that people of all age groups, especially teenagers face.

Apr 17, 2014, 13:42 PM IST

New smartphone app helps you get rid of acne

Got acne? There`s an app for that!

Apr 02, 2014, 12:53 PM IST

5 superfoods for a healthy skin

Today`s busy lifestyle schedules might leave you with a dull face that lacks lustre. In such a condition, diet plays a very important role as there are no short cuts to attain a healthy and glowing skin naturally.

Feb 04, 2014, 03:29 AM IST

Agonising acne, tress troubles, love handles and boob consciousness... The fret list is endless

Shilpi Kakkar speaks to experts offering some much sought-after advice

Jul 30, 2013, 13:26 PM IST

Drive away monsoon skin woes with chocolate, strawberry facials

During the monsoon, women often complain of skin dryness and painful pimples and try to cure them by using beauty products. Experts, however, recommend fruit-based homemade remedies like strawberry, chocolate and buttermilk facials to resolve skin problems.

Jul 23, 2013, 18:45 PM IST

`Good` skin bacteria may zap zits

In good news for teens, scientists have discovered that acne bacteria contain some beneficial strains which may act as body`s natural defence to protect the skin from pimples.

Mar 01, 2013, 14:56 PM IST

Emma Stone opens up about "embarrassing" acne trouble

Actress Emma Stone hit rock bottom after suffering severe break-outs as a teenager. She was put on prescription medication to combat her spots.

Dec 14, 2012, 09:33 AM IST

Thyme may be better than prescription creams for acne

Herbal preparations of thyme may provide a better treatment for skin acne than prescription creams, scientists have revealed.

Mar 28, 2012, 11:27 AM IST