Man held for threatening to blow up plane at Malaysian airport

An Indonesian farmer was detained for threatening to blow up a plane at a Malaysian airport after check-in staff asked him to remove items from his excess baggage.

NASA crashes plane for test
NASA crashes plane for test

 The sight of a plane crashing might hardly be inspiring for others, but NASA researchers get excited every time they whack a Cessna 172 aircraft down on the ground while conducting tests at the Langley Research Centre in Hampton,Virginia.

Solar plane suspends journey in Hawaii after battery damage
Solar plane suspends journey in Hawaii after battery damage

A team trying to fly a solar-powered plane around the world on Wednesday said it is suspending the journey in Hawaii after the plane suffered battery damage during its record-breaking flight to the islands.

Solar Impulse beats new record, but pilot 'tired'
Solar Impulse beats new record, but pilot 'tired'

A solar-powered aircraft flying from Japan to Hawaii on the most perilous leg of a round-the-globe bid has beaten the record for the longest solo flight, organizers said on Thursday.

Poland plane emergency landing: Explosives claim a hoax
Poland plane emergency landing: Explosives claim a hoax

  A passenger jet made an emergency landing at Modlin airport near Warsaw on Wednesday because of a suspicion that there was an explosive substance on board, a spokesman for the local police said.

Stowaway found alive on Johannesburg-London flight: Police

A suspected stowaway is being treated in a London hospital after being found unconscious on Thursday on a British Airways flight from Johannesburg after the plane had landed, British police said on Friday.

Search continues for missing Dornier aircraft

The search for the missing Indian Coast Guard's Dornier aircraft is still continuing with no signals from the missing plane, said an official here on Wednesday.

Love is in the Air: Sofia Vergara to marry Joe Manganiello on 'plane'
Love is in the Air: Sofia Vergara to marry Joe Manganiello on 'plane'

Sofia Vergara has revealed that she will marry her fiance Joe Manganiello on a "plane."

Bee causes plane to make emergency landing!

 In a bizarre incident, a plane from Southampton to Dublin was forced to turn back and make an emergency landing due to the presence of an unwanted passenger -- a bee.

Jennifer Bassey kicked off plane after confrontation

 Actress Jennifer Bassey, who is best known for playing Marian Colby on ABC's daytime series "All My Children", was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight by police after getting into a confrontation with a flight attendant.

Plane safe? Hacker case points to deeper cyber issues
Plane safe? Hacker case points to deeper cyber issues

Security researcher Chris Roberts made headlines last month when he was hauled off a plane in New York by the FBI and accused of hacking into flight controls via his underseat entertainment unit.

Frenchman makes false bomb alert to delay girlfriend's plane

French police have arrested a man who called in a false bomb alert to an airport to delay his girlfriend's flight because she was in danger of missing it, prosecutors said today.

Six tourists, pilot killed in Dominican Republic plane crash

 Six tourists from Britain and Spain and their local pilot were killed Monday when their small plane crashed into a golf course after takeoff from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, authorities said.

US plane slips off runway in Houston

A United Airlines jet with 173 people on board skidded off a wet runway into a muddy area when it landed at the Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Congress condemns Civil Aviation Minister's confession of carrying matchboxes on plane

 Congress general secretary Shakeel Ahmad on Wednesday termed as `unfortunate` the recent disclosures by Civil Aviation Minister Gajapathi Raju that he carried matchboxes with him on flights since he is not subjected to frisking. 

Germanwings plane diverted to Stuttgart due to suspected oil loss

A Germanwings flight to Venice was diverted to Stuttgart on Saturday as the Airbus A319 aircraft appeared to be losing oil, the airline said in a statement.

UAE airlines say no safety concerns after air traffic `incident`

UAE carriers Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways said Wednesday an investigation is underway after two of their planes apparently flew too close to each other, but that safety was never jeopardised.

Training aircraft catches fire in Bangladesh, one dead

 A Bangladeshi woman trainee pilot was killed and her trainer injured on Wednesday when their aircraft caught fire on a runway here.

Officials examining why plane landed short of Halifax runway

An Air Canada passenger plane landed so significantly short of the runway in Halifax that it hit a power line and knocked out power at the airport, the lead investigator said today.

Air Canada plane landed short, hit antennas in Halifax accident

An Air Canada plane that suffered heavy damage in an accident in the east coast city of Halifax on Sunday landed short of the runway and hit an antenna array, losing its landing gear, safety officials said.