Now, aircraft wings that can fix themselves after being damaged
Now, aircraft wings that can fix themselves after being damaged

Researchers were recently able to create aircraft wings with self-healing technology that can help them fix themselves after being damaged.

Soon, planes could be flying on fuel from 'fungus'

Soon, you may able to travel on planes that fly on jet fuel from black fungus that is commonly found in decaying leaves, soil and rotting fruit, thanks to a new research.

Pakistan sends 2 planes with relief goods, field hospital to Nepal

Pakistan on Sunday sent two planes with relief goods, a field hospital and several paramedics and rescue workers to earthquake-hit Nepal.

GenNext air travel: Changing flights 'mid-air'!
GenNext air travel: Changing flights 'mid-air'!

Scientists are planning to shape the next generation of air travel as they test a system of nuclear-powered planes constantly circling the globe.

NASA working on 18-propeller electric plane
NASA working on 18-propeller electric plane

While the world is awestruck at the success of the sun-powered plane called Solar Impulse 2, NASA is working on a more efficient, electric-powered plane that has 18 propellers attached to it.

Bengaluru aero show: Planes scuff mid-air but land safely

A mid-air crisis was averted in the ongoing aero show 2015 as two small aircraft scraped through in their flight-path.

Science Congress: 'Ancient India had flying technology'
Science Congress: 'Ancient India had flying technology'

Ancient India had planes, claimed Captain Anand J Bodas, a retired principal of a pilot training facility, on Sunday, the second day of the Indian Science Congress hosted at Mumbai University.

Passenger airplanes on Al Qaeda's terror radar?

In an attempt to ruin the Christmas festivities, terror group Al Qaeda is reportedly planning an attack on passenger Airplanes under their 'operation jingle bells'!

Automated cockpits affect pilots' emergency skills
Automated cockpits affect pilots' emergency skills

Prolonged use of cockpit automation negatively impacts pilots' ability to remember how to perform these key tasks in case of an emergency, a new research shows.

Record $23.4 billion deals signed at China's airshow

 China has signed more than 300 trade deals worth a record USD 23.4 billion during its air show in the southern port city of Zhuhai, organisers said today.

China to mass market electric plane

 China is set to soon put its indigenously developed two-seater electric plane into mass production, media reported Friday.

DNA: Stray animals on runway put passengers' life at risk

A recent incident of Spicejet hitting a buffalo on the Surat runway, made the Minister of Civil Aviation, Ashok Gajapathi Raju, direct the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to conduct an inquiry into the matter and asking the regulators to ensure that such accidents do not recur. But the constant intrusion of stray animals into the run way has raised serious concern for both the animals and passengers on board.

DNA: Increasing eve-teasing menace force girls to quit school in Allahabad

A school girl raped by bus driver. DNA analyses Prime Minister Narendra Modi's selection of Cabinet Ministers.

Windowless plane to take off soon

Imagine flying in a plane without windows! Your imagination may soon become a reality with a British company working on such a plane.

Goa expects to cross 1,000 chartered flight arrival this year

 Goa tourism department is anticipating a 30 per cent rise in arrival of chartered flights during the upcoming tourist season, crossing 1,000 mark.

Australia contributing planes for anti-IS campaign

Terrorists will use Australia's deployment of troops and war planes to the Middle East as an excuse to target Australians, Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned today.

`Human error causing many accidents involving chopper, planes`

A trainer aircraft crashed in Rae Bareli`s IGRUA three years ago as the trainee pilot was busy taking pictures, an inquiry has shown with officials saying a large number of accidents involving helicopters and small planes were caused by human error.

NATO says not to blame for planes vanishing from radar

NATO said on Sunday it was not to blame for recent incidents in which dozens of aircraft briefly vanished from air traffic control radar screens in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Sailboat carrying three Germans missing in New Zealand

Three German nationals, including two 19-year-old tourists, are missing off the coast of New Zealand after their sailboat vanished mysteriously.

Iraq to randomly inspect Syria-bound planes from Iran: Ambassador

Iraq will step up random inspections of cargo planes from Iran that fly over its territory to Syria, once it gets an air traffic control system purchased from the United States, the Iraqi ambassador in Washington said on Monday.