US sets out `bottom lines` for Iran nuclear deal

 The United States on Friday set out what it called its "bottom lines" to reach a deal with Iran to rein in its nuclear program, ahead of new talks next week.

North Korea reactor may be operating: IAEA

The UN nuclear watchdog said it has seen releases of steam and water indicating that North Korea may be operating a reactor, in the latest update on a plant that experts say could make plutonium for atomic bombs.

Japan-US nuclear deal announced at Hague summit

Japan will turn over to US 315 kilograms of weapons-grade plutonium and a supply of highly enriched uranium, victory for President Barack Obama`s efforts to secure nuclear materials around the world.

China asks Japan to return 300 kg of plutonium to suppliers

A "deeply concerned" China on Monday asked Japan to return to the US over 300 kg of weapons-grade plutonium, which could arm upto 50 nuclear bombs, the latest in a series of disputes between the two distrustful neighbours.

White steam rising, North Korea restarts Yongbyon nuclear reactor?

In what may reignite furore over North Korean nukes, a white steam was seen rising from a building near Pyongyang`s Yongbyon nuclear reactor, a US institute report said Thursday.

Pak speeding up work on fourth nuclear reactor

Pakistan`s nuclear weapons programme is considered to be among the fastest growing in the world by International Peace Research Institute.

China boasts breakthrough in nuclear technology

With the new technology, China`s existing detected uranium resources could be used for 3,000 years.

North Korea restoring nuclear facilities

Yongbyon nuclear reactor was the source of weapons-grade plutonium in past.

Plutonium possessed by Japan rises to 31.8 tons

Japan has about 31.8 tons of fissile
plutonium at the end of last year, up 0.6 ton from the year
earlier, a Cabinet Office report showed Tuesday.