Severe pneumonia may permanently damage heart

Severe pneumonia may permanently damage your heart as pneumonia bacterium leaves tiny lesions in the heart, a study suggests.

Child health compromised due to Ebola crisis in Liberia: UNICEF

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease has severely disrupted health services for children in Liberia, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned Friday as efforts were intensified to halt the spread of the deadly disease.

Scientists find mild cases of MERS among patients' families

Fewer than half of Saudi Arabian patients in a study passed the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus to household members, and many of those who developed secondary infections contracted mild cases of MERS, global researchers reported on Wednesday.

Serena Williams plays young Taylor Townsend in symbolic US Open opener

Serena Williams, who opens her quest for a third successive U.S. Open title with a meeting against fellow African American Taylor Townsend on Tuesday, said Arthur Ashe would have been proud.

Shift work can worsen asthma, pneumonia

A research has found that drugs widely used to treat lung diseases like asthma or pneumonia work better with the body clock.

George Michael no longer feels safe

Singer George Michael says he does not feel as safe as he used to feel before a life-threatening bout of pneumonia.

George Michael more wary after illness

English pop star George Michael will never feel as "safe" as he did before a life-threatening bout of pneumonia two years ago.

Hunt for MERS source should look beyond camels: Veterinary officials

Scientists lack proof that camels are the source of a deadly new virus that has killed 186 people in Saudi Arabia and should widen their hunt to other animals, veterinary experts meeting in Paris said.

Actor Bob Hoskins dies at 71

Actor Bob Hoskins has died following a battle with pneumonia. He was 71.

Power naps could increase early death risk by 33%

A new study has revealed that regular power napping could increase the likelihood of an early death by a third.

People suffering from sleep apnea may face higher risk of pneumonia

A new study has revealed that people who have sleep apnea, may be at a higher risk of contracting pneumonia.

Antibody-producing cells discovered in spleen

Researchers have discovered a type of cells in human spleen that are essential for the production of antibodies, paving way for development of new vaccines to fight meningitis and pneumonia.

Soon, more efficient vaccines for meningitis and pneumonia

Researchers have discovered the presence of a novel subtype of innate lymphoid cells in human spleen essential for the production of antibodies.

Schumacher has beaten lung infection: Report

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher, lying in a coma in a French hospital since a December skiing accident, has overcome a lung infection, German daily Bild reported Friday.

Even cold sores may increase memory decline risk: Study

An exposure to common infections like cold sores, mild pneumonia or stomach discomforts - even if the infections never made you ill - may increase risk of memory decline, shows new study.

Girl dies of pneumonia in Muzaffarnagar relief camp

A seven-year-old girl has died due to pneumonia at a relief camp at Malakpur village in neighbouring Shamli district, officials said.

New vaccine to protect against deadly pneumonia developed

A team of researchers has developed a new vaccine that protects against lethal pneumonia caused by Staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria, including drug-resistant strains like MRSA.

Zinc starves lethal bacteria to stop infection

Zinc can `starve` one of the world`s most deadly bacteria that causes pneumonia and meningitis, by preventing its uptake of an essential metal, scientists have found.

India has largest pneumonia, diarrhoeal disease burden: Report

India continues to have the largest pneumonia and diarrhoeal disease burden in the world, according to a report by leading health US health institute The Bloomberg School.

Tackling malnutrition is easy: NGOs

Tackling malnutrition is not a difficult task and a grassroot level approach that works with communities - particularly tribal and rural areas - and teaching them simple measures will help in addressing the issue.