Hong Kongers queue at polling booths to defy Beijing

Hong Kong citizens cast their ballots in an unofficial referendum on democratic reform today, with booths opening across the territory after an online poll that enraged Beijing and stunned organisers with a huge response of more than 500,000 votes.

Polling booth relocated fearing Maoist landmine in Jharkhand

A polling booth has to be relocated in Naxal-affected Kasiabeda area in Ghatsila sub-division on suspicion that a landmine was planted near the original venue by Maoists to disrupt parliamentary elections.

Gujarat elections 2012: Polling booth for lone voter at Banej

The Election Commission values the importance of every vote and to prove that, they have created a full-fledged polling booth at Banej inside the Gir National Park in Gujarat.

11 km trek up to Bengal`s highest polling booth

Election officials have to trek 11 Km up the Himalayan range over two days to reach West Bengal`s highest polling station -- located at Sirikhola, 2,800 metres above sea level.