Bacteria can create 'natural battery'
Bacteria can create 'natural battery'

Bacteria can use tiny magnetic particles to effectively create a "natural battery", a new research shows.

Modi calls for 'uncompromising' approach to clean Ganga
Modi calls for 'uncompromising' approach to clean Ganga

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday called for an "uncompromising mission mode approach" to stop pollution of the river Ganga.

HC seeks Centre's action plan to curb air pollution in Delhi

Observing that air pollution in the national capital was "terrible", Delhi High Court Wednesday directed the Centre as well as an amicus curiae to prepare an action plan with suggestions to address the issue.

Centre seeks action plans from municipalities, ULBs on Ganga

Concerned over unabated pollution of River Ganga, the Centre Wednesday directed 118 municipalities, urban local bodies (ULBs) in five states to furnish action plans for reducing pollution or face legal action for non-compliance.

No polluting industries will be permitted in Puducherry: CM N Rangasamy

Chief Minister N Rangasamy on Sunday said his government was firm that no industries polluting sub soil water and the environment will be permitted in the Union Territory.

Eiffel tower shrouded in smog as Paris pollution spikes

The Eiffel Tower disappeared behind a brown smog on Wednesday as Paris and much of northern France suffered a spike in pollution.

Why diesel vehicles are more harmful

 Researchers have shown how exhaust pollution from diesel engines affects nerves within the lung.

This is how diesel pollution affects our lungs

Scientists have, for the very first time, explained the mechanism of how polluted air from diesel engines affects our nerves within the lung, causing respiratory distress.

'Effluents polluting Narmada river'

Chemical effluents from factories and waste from towns are steadily turning Narmada river into a drain and its various rivulets too are fast depleting, Magsaysay awardee Rajender Singh said on Friday.

Carrying capacity of Goa's beaches to be studied

Goa will rope in the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) to conduct a study on the carrying capacity of the state's popular in a bid to control pollution and the rampant proliferation of beach shacks.

Govt to make all roads dust-free to decrease pollution level in Delhi

 Concerned over increasing air pollution, Delhi government has decided to make all the main roads dust-free, congestion-free and clean, claiming that by this initiative, 25 per cent pollution can be decreased in the national capital.

Pollution busting flags, banners to clean air

Imagine advertisement flags coated with a special material at petrol pumps that remove harmful nitrogen oxide from the air or banners at heavy traffic intersections that absorb the pollution from cars.

'627,000 die every year of particulate air pollution'
'627,000 die every year of particulate air pollution'

Over 627,000 people die prematurely and 18 million healthy life years are lost every year due to particulate air pollution -- the microscopic solid and liquid matter suspended in the Earth`s atmosphere, an environmentalist said here on Wednesday.

Declare Panchsheel Park as "silence zone": NGT

The National Green Tribunal Wednesday directed authorities in South Delhi's Panchsheel Park to declare it as a "silence zone" and confine the speed of vehicles in the area to 30 km per hour.

Concern in RS over rising air pollution in Delhi

Serious concern was raised Wednesday in Rajya Sabha over the rising air pollution in Delhi, with a Congress member saying that many countries have reduced the tenure of their diplomats here due to the problem.

A unified system for daily updates on Delhi's air quality

Amidst concern over rising air pollution levels in Delhi, the government Tuesday decided to provide daily updates on air quality in the city through a uniform and scientific validation process.

Stop making mockery of courts: NGT warns authorities

The National Green Tribunal Tuesday took strong exception to the delay by some authorities in submitting their suggestions for construction of a multi-level parking facility in Lajpat Nagar here saying "you cannot play around with our orders".

Particulate matter levels higher in most of 244 cities: Govt

The levels of particulate matter (PM) is higher than the international norms in a majority of 244 cities and industrial areas in the country where the ambient air quality is monitored, the government informed Lok Sabha Tuesday.

DNA: Analysis of New Delhi's alarming air pollution level

"New Delhi is breathing the most polluted air in the world, according to WHO report. The WHO found that 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India, with New Delhi's air being the world's worst.

Here's how pollution can make you 'gain kilos'

A team of researchers has decoded the link between obesity and the presence of certain pollutants in the environment.