Scientists develop new self-stretching material

Engineers from the University of Rochester have developed a new class of rubber-like material that not only self-stretches upon cooling but also reverts back to its original shape when heated - all without physical manipulation.

New polymer can boost solar power use

The use of solar power could soon become a lot more popular as researchers have created a radical polymer called PTMA, which is about 10 times more electrically conductive than common semi-conducting polymers.

New method to synthesise material harder than diamond

Scientists have developed a new method for the synthesis of an ultra-hard material that exceeds the hardness of diamonds.

New method to create nanofibres

Researchers have developed a novel method for creating self-assembled protein/polymer nanostructures that are reminiscent of fibres found in living cells.

New breakthrough to boost solar cells` efficiency by more than 30 %

Researchers have found an easy way to modify the molecular structure of a polymer commonly used in solar cells, which could lead to more than 30 percent increase in solar cell efficiency.

Flexible, transparent imaging device developed

Austrian researchers have developed an entirely new way of capturing images based on a flat, flexible, transparent and potentially disposable polymer sheet.

Hi-tech polymer that can stop a speeding bullet discovered

Scientists have discovered a new super polymer material that is stronger than a speeding bullet and could revolutionise bulletproof vests.

Now, artificial skin that can sense touch and heal itself

Stanford University scientists have succeeded in making the first material that can both sense subtle pressure and heal itself when torn or cut.

New polymer can reproduce smooth, rough textures

Perhaps inspired by a chameleon`s changing colours, engineers have developed a polymer that reproduces rough, smooth textures as and when required.