Fourth of global 'extreme poors' in just eight Indian states

Over a fourth of the world's people living in extreme poverty, or 440 million out of the global figure of 1.6 billion, are in just eight Indian states, parliament was informed on Thursday.

Zimbabwe MP waves used underwear in Parliament

A Zimbabwean lawmaker held up a pair of used female underwear in Parliament during a televised debate as she sought to highlight the plight of poor women unable to afford new garments.

Poverty damages growth of child's brain: Study
Poverty damages growth of child's brain: Study

Children living in poverty may face long-lasting negative consequences on brain development as also on emotional health and academic achievement, says a study.

I don't need to take cameraman to understand poverty: PM Modi

Taking a jibe at political leaders exploiting photo opportunities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said he does not need to take a cameraman with him to understand poverty.

World's poorest need $160 a year to end hunger: UN

Just $160 per year for each person living in extreme poverty would eradicate world hunger by 2030, the United Nations said on Friday, recommending the money should be delivered through both cash transfers and "pro-poor" investments.

'Prenatal sex selection not linked to poverty'

The practice of prenatal sex selection in favour of male births is not connected to poverty as the economic progress in past decades has not necessarily translated into more gender equality, experts believe.

Economic data pointer to rural India's appalling status: PMK

 NDA ally PMK Chief Ramadoss on Saturday said socio-economic census revealed appalling living conditions of rural India and urged action to address "inequality and underdevelopment."

New rice flour may help get rid of global food poverty

Researchers have developed a new, high-quality rice flour which they claim can help alleviate global food poverty.

What is Smart City mission?

Know all about the Smart City mission.

World loses 6 mn under-five children every year: UNICEF

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) on Tuesday warned that millions of children worldwide continue to live in poverty, lack access to education while suffering from chronic malnutrition and about six million die before they turn five.

PM doesn't need lessons on poverty from 'privileged' Rahul Gandhi: MJ Akbar

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi knows more about poverty than Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, adding that the former does not need instructions on poverty from a `privileged dynasty` member."Narendra Modi ji knows more about poverty than Rahul Gandhi will know in all his life.

One million Nepalis slip below poverty line due to earthquakes

Nearly one million people have slipped below poverty line in Nepal due to two powerful earthquakes that left about 9,000 people dead and a trail of destruction across the country.

Poor tribal couple 'sells' newborn in Tripura, officials say they 'gifted'

Did grinding poverty force a poor tribal couple living in western Tripura's Khowai district to sell their one-day-old son since the expenses for bringing him up were too much for them to bear? It depends on which way you look at it.

Central Africa`s diamonds come at high price in blood and sweat

Barefoot, with sweat pouring down their naked chests, 50 men slave in the depths of the Central African forest digging for diamonds in a sandy pit half the size of a football pitch.

DNA: A reality check of Delhi's Anganwadi scheme

The Anganwadi scheme is a primary social welfare scheme to tackle malnutrition and health problems in children below 6 years of age. Let's see how this scheme fares in Delhi.

US, India need to fight violence, terrorism together: Hillary Clinton

The US and India need to fight violence, terrorism and poverty together, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has said.

Your smoking habit may impoverish your child

Smoking is bad not only for the smokers` health, it annually pushes thousands of children into poverty in England, a study has revealed.

Land Bill ordinance will eliminate poverty across nation: Goyal

Rejecting the Congress Party`s observation that the NDA Government was trying to grab the land of the poor by re-promulgating the Land Acquisition Bill Ordinance, Union Power