Mobile phone-based alerts for pregnant women launched

A mobile phone-based alert system for pregnant women in rural areas was launched here on Monday to help them stay healthy till delivery.

High blood-sugar in pregnancy ups baby's heart defect risk

Although the risks of gestational diabetes have been well-studied, less attention has been paid to smaller metabolic changes in pregnancy.

New programme for patients, pregnant women in Odisha

In order to help patients and pregnant women from inaccessible areas reach their nearest hospital or motorable road, a new programme has been launched in Rayagada district of Odisha under which 183 remote villages will be provided with a specially-designed sling each.

Dengue during pregnancy can increase premature birth risk

Getting infected by the dengue virus during pregnancy, especially those who are in the second or third trimester, can increase the risk of premature birth, say doctors.

Mothers of IVF babies at increased risk of digestive disease

Women who give birth to babies using in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) are at increased risk of a chronic digestive disease.

Exercise and diet control can prevent gestational diabetes

A combination of physical activity and diet control can help prevent gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in women who are at high risk of developing the disorder, says a new study.

Combo of low weight at birth, unhealthy adult lifestyle linked to diabetes

Better start living a healthy lifestyle if you were born with a low birth weight, as a new study has revealed that combination of low weigh birth and unhealthy adult lifestyle poses greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

How you weigh during first pregnancy can affect your second offspring

A new research has found that how a woman weighs while expecting her first child may impact her second baby.

Test to check hypertension during pregnancy launched

Global diagnostic chain SRL Diagnostics has launched the first medical test to diagnose hypertensive disorders in pregnant women. These disorders can cause several health risks, including death of both mother and child.

Immunisation programme launched in Ghaziabad

The district health department along with UNICEF and WHO,launched the third round of an immunisation programme for children and pregnant women here on Saturday, the district immunisation officer said.

Undernourished children, pregnant women given only Rs 5 govt aid- Part II

Undernourished children and pregnant women were given only Rs 5 as government aid.

Undernourished children, pregnant women given only Rs 5 govt aid

Undernourished children and pregnant women were given only Rs 5 as government aid.

Migrant boat crisis: 'Pregnant women, children thrown into water to force commercial ships to rescue them'
Migrant boat crisis: 'Pregnant women, children thrown into water to force commercial ships to rescue them'

Pregnant women and children are reportedly being thrown into the sea by human smugglers in order to force merchant vessels to take the migrants ashore.

Pregnant women expecting sons likelier to develop diabetes

Women who are expecting male babies are likelier to develop gestational diabetes than women who expecting girls, finds new study.

Stretch marks worrisome issue for new, expecting mothers: Survey

If one goes by a survey, most new and expecting mothers consider stretch marks as one of the most worrisome issues with respect to their physical appearance.

Nepal earthquake: Around 50,000 pregnant women affected, says UN

Around 50,000 pregnant women and girls could be affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal which has killed over 5,000 people and impacted the life of some eight million people, the UN said.

FOGSI panel recommends influenza vaccination for pregnant women

An expert panel has recommended immunisation of women against influenza during pregnancy to protect mothers and their babies from serious health complications.

Half of pregnant women in India anaemic: Study

 Half of the pregnant women and 74 percent of children under five in India are anaemic, a malnutrition mapping project stated on Wednesday.

Study links diabetes in pregnancy to higher autism risk

When pregnant women develop gestational diabetes early in pregnancy, their children may face a higher risk of developing autism, researchers said Tuesday.

Over 1000 children, pregnant women to be vaccinated under 'Mission Indradhanush' in Coimbatore

The health department has identified a little over 1,000 persons--- children and pregnant women--who missed the mandatory vaccination for preventable diseases in Coimbatore district and they would be covered under the Centre's 'Mission Indradhanush' programme, a top official said on Monday.