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Unlike humans, monkeys don't assume higher price tag means better quality

Unlike humans, monkeys don't assume higher price tag means better quality

A new study has revealed that unlike humans, monkeys aren't fooled by expensive brands, meaning that they don't buy the premise that higher price tag means better quality.

Lilian Thuram `understands` Brazil protest

French football legend Lilian Thuram expressed sympathy with Brazilian protesters threatening to disrupt the World Cup, saying he understands their anger over the tournament`s multi-billion-dollar price tag.

Putin meets U.S. team officials, basks in Olympic praise

Russian President Vladimir Putin dropped in on the U.S. Olympic team in Sochi on Friday and sipped red wine, and his relaxed demeanour suggested he agreed with organisers when they said it had been a "truly great" Winter Games so far.

World`s 1st lab-grown burger with 250k-pound price tag up for tasting

The lab-grown burger which costs 250,000 pounds is all set to go on a menu at an undisclosed location.

Jessie J `being monitored by doctors` amid health fears

Jessie J has revealed that doctors are monitoring her after she suffering a stroke when she was 18.

My make-up is a drag: Jessie J

Jessie J says she is toning down her clobber and make-up so that she doesn`t get mistaken as a man.

Jessie J donates clothes to homeless

Jessie J said she has donated her clothes to the homeless children of London.

`Price Tag` hitmaker Jessie J suffers from foot arthritis

Jessie J says she will suffer from arthritis in her foot for the rest of her life after her foot injury failed to fully heal.