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Raise voice against Citizenship (Amendment) Bill: PRISM

PRISM expressed apprehension that illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in western parts of Mizoram would be granted citizenship if the proposed bill becomes a law. 

NASA's CORAL mission to map coral reefs from 23,000 feet!

NASA's CORAL mission to map coral reefs from 23,000 feet!

Up till now, scientists have been studying coral reefs up close in the water. But now, NASA has decided to study them differently – from 23,000 feet above.

Yahoo says US government coerced it to cooperate with NSA

Internet giant Yahoo has said it was threatened by the US government to make it cooperate with the administration and provide its users` data under the National Security Agency`s (NSA) controversial vigilance programme, PRISM.

Apple releases details on US data requests

The iPhone maker said it works vigorously to protect the privacy of its users and only provides information by court order.

Facebook reveals details of US data requests

Facebook revealed Friday it received between 9,000 and 10,000 requests for user data from US authorities in the second half of last year, as it seeks to shield itself from a growing scandal.

Google, Facebook deny compromising personal data

Amidst an uproar in the US over the issue of government secretly tracking information on foreigners from Internet firms, Google and Facebook have categorically denied their participation in such a project.