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Australia confirms Prisoner X worked for Israeli govt

Australia acknowledged for the first time that the mysterious prisoner X worked for the Israeli government but refrained from confirming that he was working for Mossad.

Jews welcome probe into Prisoner X`s death

Australian`s Jewish community today welcomed Australian and Israeli governments decision to initiate probe into the circumstances surrounding the death of Prisoner X.

Australia inquires Israel about Prisoner X`s death

Australia has asked Israel to provide information about the death of Prisoner X, a jailed Australian-Israeli with links to spy agency Mossad.

Zygier was close to blow whistle about Israeli secret missions

34-year-old Zygier, also known as Ben Allen or Ben Alon, has been allegedly working Israel`s spy agency Mossad before being arrested and jailed in February 2010.

Saw no signs that Prisoner X would kill self: Israeli lawyer

Australian television network ABC aired an investigative report on Tuesday revealing that Zygier, an Australian national who was held in isolation at the Ayalon Prison in Ramla, had died in a high-security cell in late 2010.

Israel partially lifts gag order on death of prisoner X

Amid uproar in the international media, Israel today partially lifted a more than two years of gag order placed on the case of Prisoner X.