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Probiotics help reduce stress, anxiety

Probiotics help reduce stress, anxiety

A study has found that probiotics, used to keep digestive tract in sync, could reduce stress levels and thus improve health and well being.

Probiotics could aid recovery from spinal cord injury

The researchers found that spinal cord injury significantly altered the gut microbiome of mice, inducing the migration of gut bacteria into other tissues of the body and the activation of proinflammatory immune cells associated with the gut.

Probiotics can reverse cow's milk allergies in infants

 A probiotic formula when given to infants who developed intolerance to cow's milk has reversed the food allergy by increasing gut bacteria associated with good health, new research shows.

Probiotics don't prevent superbug attack in ill people

Probiotics may not protect critically ill people from superbugs or drug-resistant microbes, new research has found.

Dairy products make probiotics more effective

 The success of probiotics for boosting human health may depend partly upon the food, beverages, or other material carrying the probiotics, a study shows.

Targeting gut bacteria may help burn patients

Burn patients experience dramatic changes in the bacteria inside the gastrointestinal tract, according to researchers, including one of Indian-origin, who suggest that burn patients might benefit from treatment with probiotics.

Many probiotics could actually be harmful: Study

If you believe that probiotics are good for your health, there is a piece of news for you. A new study finds that more than half of popular probiotics contain traces of gluten.

How to counter side effects of antibiotics

There are times when it becomes unavoidable to take antibiotics. While these may cure you of your diseases, they leave you with nasty side effects like bloating, belching, gas, constipation and diarrhoea.

Here's how probiotics benefit our gut

A new research has shed light on how popular probiotic benefits the gut.

How probiotics benefit our gut

A strain of good gut bacteria that has been linked to providing relief in intestinal problems, respiratory infections and some skin disorders works largely as a facilitator, by modifying the activity of other gut bacteria, research has found.

Probiotic drink could help prevent diabetes

Including a probiotic drink in your diet could help prevent insulin resistance, a major characteristic of diet-induced diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Probiotic supplements may ease anxiety and depression

Supplements to boost probiotics -- the helpful micro-organisms that reside in our bodies -- can alter the way people process emotional information and ease anxiety and depression, new research suggests.

Wine bacteria may boost health

Red wine has bacteria that may be beneficial to human health, according to a new study.

How probiotics are good for your gut revealed

Researchers have found that "normal" bacteria plays vital for keeping intestinal lining intact and eating probiotics, which contains the good kind of bacteria, helps in avoiding inflammatory disorders that occur when the intestinal lining has been compromised.

Probiotics crucial for super gut health

The bacteria that aid in digestion help keep the intestinal lining intact, scientists say, adding that daily probiotics hold the key to ward off inflammatory disorders that occur when the intestinal lining has been compromised.

Eating probiotics daily may help reduce high blood pressure

A new study suggests that consuming probiotics found in yoghurt and other dairy products not just help in aiding digestion but may also help in controlling blood pressure.

Consuming probiotics reduce liver fat: Study

A study has revealed that consuming probiotics for a month helps in diminishing fat accumulation in the liver.

White bread does boost `good` gut bacteria

This evening when you go to your neighbourhood store to buy groceries, add the much-maligned white bread to your list.

Probiotics not helpful for tots with colic

Researchers have found that Probiotics do not help infants with colic.

Good gut health can help lower cholesterol levels

Researchers have found that a good gut health can have a positive effect on the heart as certain probiotics have cholesterol-lowering potential.