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'No proof mobile radiation causes cancer'

At a time when various studies are going on whether radiation from mobile phones is harmful for health, an US expert Saturday said no study or research has proved that non-ionizing radiation, as produced by these devices, causes cancer.

Hunt for MERS source should look beyond camels: Veterinary officials

Scientists lack proof that camels are the source of a deadly new virus that has killed 186 people in Saudi Arabia and should widen their hunt to other animals, veterinary experts meeting in Paris said.

‘Cops want to destroy proof in Bhatt’s possession’

Teesta Setalvad has alleged that the Gujarat police want to destroy the evidences which are in Sanjiv Bhatt’s possession to save ‘big names’.

Horoscope weak proof of birthdate: SC

Supreme Court has held a horoscope to be a very weak piece of material to prove age of a person and the "heavy onus lies" on the person to prove the authenticity of the horoscope he is relying upon to prove a new date of birth.

Kumaraswamy vows to bring out proof against Yeddy

Kumaraswamy also sought to distance himself from the business ventures run by his brothers remarking that in 1983
all the brothers divided the family property and were living

Kumaraswamy vows to bring more proof against Yeddy

JDS leader H D Kumaraswamy said he would soon expose its "pseudo campaign" against UPA "government corruption" and vowed to continue to battle against what he termed as "acts of corruption" by Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa.

Proof of residence must for professional courses in Maharashtra

Aspirants for professional courses in
Maharashtra will now have to prove their residence in the
state at the time of admission.

ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants on Libya

ICC prosecutor will request three arrest warrants on Libyan killings.

Charges will be probed if proof is produced: Achuthanandan

Hitting back at his political detractors who have raised corruption charges against his son V A Arun Kumar, Kerala C VS Achuthanandan on Friday said the government was ready to order an enquiry if adequate proof was produced.

No proof to link French Prez to Karachi bomb probe: Report

In 2002, a suicide bomb attack in Karachi had killed 11 French people.

Can`t say husband impotent without proof: HC

The Gujarat high court has
observed that specific medical proof was required to determine
whether a husband was impotent or his marriage cannot be
consummated when a wife seeks divorce on this count.

Let Cong give proof against Reddy brothers, says BSY

Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa on Saturday ruled out sacking of Reddy brothers from his cabinet.

Indonesia proof that democracy, Islam can co-exist: Minister

Indonesia has moved from an
authoritarian state to one of the world`s largest democracies,
proving Islam and democracy can co-exist, the foreign minister
of the world`s largest Muslim country said on Saturday.

Now hear this: Swim-proof hearing aids to get test

Today`s newest models range from the completely invisible — it sits deep in the ear canal for months at a time.

Now hear this: Swim-proof hearing aids to get test

Today`s newest models range from the completely invisible — it sits deep in the ear canal for months at a time.

`No proof of India’s role in Balochistan trouble’

In a statement that could
embarrass Pakistan, which has claimed that India is fuelling
unrest in Balochistan, a Baloch Senator has said there is no
proof to suggest that New Delhi is fomenting trouble there.

`For maintenance, no strict proof of marriage required`

For the purpose of granting
maintenance to a neglected wife under Section 125 of Criminal
Procedure Code, no strict proof of marriage is necessary,
Bombay High Court recently held.

Sufficient proof needed to prove employee`s guilt: CAT

CAT has held that a government employee can be punished only if there is sufficient evidence to prove his guilt in a case of negligence.