Post `Maleficent`, Angelina Jolie finds her face `dull`

Angelina Jolie says that she feels she looks "dull" after removal of ‘Maleficent’ prosthetics.

Indian-origin scientist researching on new Robotics technology

An Indian-origin scientist in the UK has bagged a 1.07 million pounds funding grant to work on a pioneering technology of creating an ultra-flexible tactile skin for robotics and prosthetics.

Gouged-eye boy in China goes home with prosthetics

A 6-year-old Chinese boy whose eyes were gouged out in an attack more than three months ago was discharged on Thursday from a hospital in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, where he was successfully fitted with prosthetic eyes.

Artificial legs that emulate healthy ones give fresh hope to amputees

Advances in robotics technology has made it possible to create prosthetics that can duplicate the natural movement of human legs.

Brain implants could create sense of touch in artificial limbs

Rats can`t usually see infrared light, but they have "touched" it after Duke University neurobiologists fitted the animals with an infrared detector wired to electrodes implanted in the part of the mammalian brain.

Egyptians used world`s earliest prosthetics

Two artificial big toes may have been the world`s earliest prosthetic body parts, says a scientist.