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Researchers find proteins crucial for wound healing process

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 13:40

Researchers have recently found proteins that play a vital role in the wound healing process.

Now, simple blood test to predict Alzheimer in people

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 08, 2014, 10:38

Researchers have reached a step closer to Alzheimer`s treatment by coming up with a new blood test which can predict the commencement of the disease in people.

Potent new anti-HIV proteins found in Australian coral reefs

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 19:03

Researchers have found a new class of proteins capable of blocking the HIV virus from penetrating T-cells, which has raised hope that the proteins could be adapted for use in gels or sexual lubricants to provide a potent barrier against HIV infection.

NSEL scam: NK Proteins MD Nilesh Patel held

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 22, 2013, 19:39

NK Proteins was the first company that had borrowed Rs 350 crore from the NSEL.

Cat allergies may soon be consigned to history

Last Updated: Thursday, July 25, 2013, 20:03

Scientists have identified how allergic reactions to cats are triggered, and as a result have raised hopes of developing a preventive medicine.

Plant proteins can help solve global food, fuel problems

Last Updated: Friday, May 03, 2013, 18:44

Scientists have shown that certain proteins in plants that function as transporters can help solve global fuel and food problems, a study says.

Three billion-year-old proteins resurrected

Last Updated: Thursday, February 28, 2013, 16:15

Scientists have resurrected two to three billion-year-old proteins from which the enzymes that armour superbugs against antibiotics have descended.

Austrian scientists develop bionic proteins

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 10:10

Austrian scientists have developed nano particles that can mimic the function of proteins.

Scientists enlist plants to detect explosives

Last Updated: Friday, January 28, 2011, 19:33

Plant proteins are programmed to change colour in the presence of specific chemicals.

DNA repair systems of bacteria, humans greatly similar

Last Updated: Saturday, December 11, 2010, 20:09

Similarities between DNA repair systems of bacteria, humans greater than thought.

No ``safe haven`` for organic molecules on Mars

Last Updated: Friday, June 11, 2010, 17:48

The atmosphere on Mars is not favourable for organic compounds such as proteins, concluded a new study.