Turkish police fire teargas at protesters on anniversary of unrest

Turkish police fired teargas and water cannon on Saturday to disperse protesters in central Istanbul who sought to mark the one-year anniversary of the country`s biggest anti-government demonstrations in decades.

Abkhazia parliament calls on president to quit

The parliament of Abkhazia, a small breakaway republic in the Caucasus, has voted for the resignation of the president, Russian news agencies reported on Thursday.

Abkhazia leader forced to flee, denounces coup bid: Reports

Opposition protesters stormed the presidency in Abkhazia overnight in what the leader of the Georgian breakaway region called a coup attempt, Russian news agencies said today.

Thai protesters criticise coup, defying general

Stern warnings from Thailand`s military junta to stop criticising the coup have not deterred protesters, who have been gathering and staring down soldiers in defiance of martial law.

Thai protestors step up pressure for ministers to resign

Thailand`s acting prime minister was huddled with senators here Monday to find a way out of a protracted political crisis, as anti-government protestors stepped up pressure to remove him, media reports said.

Pro-government supporters stage rally in Thailand in response to protestors

Pro-government supporters in Thailand staged a rally Saturday a day after anti-government protestors marched in Bangkok in a "final battle" to oust the caretaker government and to usher in reform before the next election.

UN slams excessive use of force against Venezuela protestors

The UN has criticised the excessive use of force by the Venezuelan government to break up peaceful protests in Caracas.

At least 43 killed in clashes in Ukraine`s Odessa

Clashes between pro-government and anti-government protestors Friday in Ukraine`s Black Sea city of Odessa have killed at least 43 people and injured 174, the government said.

Taiwan uses water cannon to disperse anti-nuclear protesters

Taiwan police today used water cannon to dislodge hundreds of overnight sit-in demonstrators, demanding the scrapping of a nearly completed nuclear power plant, one of the most controversial issues to have gripped the island for 30 years.

Jharkhand shutdown, 500 arrested

Jharkhand witnessed a shutdown Saturday as more than 20 organisations called for policy-making that was both by and for the local people, who are predominantly tribal.

Turkish riot police chase protestors away from Taksim Square

Turkish riot police on early Tuesday moved past the barricades erected by the protesters at Taksim Square in Istanbul even as PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to meet the demonstrators.

Turkey PM to meet protest leaders as demos go on

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to meet with protest leaders whose mass anti-government demonstrations have rocked the country.

Protestors attack Barbigha PS for beating youth

Angry over assault of a liquor trader, villagers attacked Barbigha police station demanding the arrest of the outgoing SP and sub-divisional police officer.

Ten Metro stations to remain closed tomorrow as well

Ten Metro stations in Central Delhi will be out of bounds for the public Sunday as well.

San Francisco protestors strip against ‘public nudity` ban

Protestors in San Francisco have stripped off to oppose lawmaker’s decision to approve a ban on nudity in public.

Island row: Anti-Japan protestors held in China

Taiwan and Beijing believe Japan is occupying the islands illegally.

Jat agitation: Protestors serve ultimatum

The agitating Jats served an ultimatum asking
Haryana government to unconditionally release by Friday all those who had been taken into custody.

Cops canecharge protestors over Goa mining issues

Several thousand were gathered in the city as a part of their scheduled agitation demanding protection to the legal mining business and exports.

Kuwait opposition protesters disrupt Parliament

Dozens of anti-government protesters muscled their way into Kuwait`s Parliament during debate over efforts to question the Prime Minister about corruption allegations.

Protesters return, but fewer in number, to NY park

A couple dozen demonstrators
resumed their Occupy Wall Street protest Thursday in New York`s Zuccotti Park, a day after the movement`s weeks-long vigil.