Researchers reveal how complex, massive stars are born

 A new study has provided a deeper insight into the complex birth of the giant stars.

Astronomers observe growth outburst from newborn protostar

Astronomers has recently observed a growth spurt from newborn protostar, it has been revealed.

Star formation more `intense and dynamic` than previously believed

Powerful jets of gas and other raw material outward while star formation is taking place, a according to a new research.

Mysterious infant star that behaves like strobe light found

Two of NASA`s great observatories, the Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes, have teamed up to uncover strobe-like flashes in a suspected binary protostar.

Infant star may explain how solar system formed

For the first time, a `baby` star has been captured just before `birth` by astronomers - a breakthrough scientists believe could hold clues as to how our solar system formed.