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Researchers find variable affecting long life

Using two types of statistical analysis, the researchers were able to assess the relative importance of a total of 65 different variables in predicting participants' mortality risk.

Even after death, spouse impacts your well-being

Even after death, spouse impacts your well-being

Intriguingly, the results revealed interdependence between partners even when one partner died during the study.

No shortcuts to read quickly and understand

No shortcuts to read quickly and understand

However, skilled readers read quickly, averaging 200 to 400 words per minute, the findings showed.

Kids easily recall things tomorrow what they forgot initially

A new study has found that sometimes kids can remember a piece of information better a few days later, instead of the day they first learnt it.

Feeling blue? You may not perceive colours accurately

Taking the association between our mood and colours beyond a mere metaphor, new research has found that feeling sad can impair our ability to accurately identify colours on the blue-yellow axis.

Daycare won't make your toddler aggressive

If the thought of sending your toddler to daycare is bothering you, a new study can help you breathe a sigh of relief.

Are parents to be blamed for their children' fear for Mathematics?

Your frustration while dealing with calculations or solving mathematical problems may give your children anxiety about doing maths, reveals a new study.

A new study published in Psychological Science journal confirms that kids attribute their parents' maths anxiety.

Moral traits key component of identity

While we may consider our memory as being essential to who we are, others consider our moral traits to be the core component of our identity.

Key to making better decisions is pretending to be advising others

  A new study has revealed that people make better decisions in life if they pretend that they are advising someone else.

Sense of purpose could add years to your life

Researchers have said that feeling that you have a sense of purpose in life may help you live longer, no matter what your age.

Distance just a matter of perception

Why is it that we find the initial hours of a journey longer than the final stretch?

Why Hong Kong skyscrapers appear to fall while travelling in city tram

A new study of rider experiences on the Hong Kong Peak Tram, a popular tourist attraction, shows that specific features of the environment can dominate our perception of verticality, making skyscrapers appear to fall.

Tough times may cause you to eat high-calorie foods: Study

People tend to seek higher-calorie foods that will keep them satisfied longer when there is a perception of tough times, a new study has claimed.