Know what makes people 'intellectually humble'

Do you know why some people are "intellectually humble" from others? This is simply because they love learning so they spend time learning from other people.

Dr Subhash Chandra Show: Move out of your comfort zone and face your fears, says Dr Chandra

Essel Group Chairman Dr Subhash Chandra through his show gives the youth useful tips on how to overcome fear. He asks them to treat it just like any other human emotion and learn to control it so that it doesn't dominate them throughout their lives.

Amanda Bynes hopes to study psychology post recovery
Amanda Bynes hopes to study psychology post recovery

Amanda Bynes recently took to Twitter saying that she hopes to study psychology after she recovers.

Dr Subhash Chandra Show: How to face fear and overcome failure?

Essel Group Chairman Dr Subhash Chandra through his show shares tips with the youth on how to overcome fears and not let it dominate their lives.

Why some tasks never take off from to-do lists
Why some tasks never take off from to-do lists

If you find certain tasks occupying a permanent position in your to-do lists, it has to do with your perception of time, says a study.

Blessed with an introverted child?
Blessed with an introverted child?

Sonali Gupta, a child phychologist shares her expert advice on how to raise an introvert child.

Are you suffering from `always on` stress?

Are you a victim of "always on" stress? Give your smartphone worries a break even if the battery goes dead or there are no signals to connect to a call.

Men more likely than women to slow pace in the marathon

Men are more likely than women to slow their pace in the marathon, according to a new study.
The study, led by Robert Deaner, associate professor of psychology at Grand Valley State University in the US, was based on 14 marathons that occurred in the US in 2011, and it included almost 92,000 performances.

Psych out

Understanding human mind and its influence on behaviour can sure be an intriguing science. Patricia Mascarenhas finds out why psychology as a career is catching up.

Distance just a matter of perception

Why is it that we find the initial hours of a journey longer than the final stretch?

Miley Cyrus suffered from depression

Singer Miley Cyrus has said she suffered from depression and once she had to be physically saved by her father Billy Ray, who burst through a locked door to rescue her.

Motherhood is what I aim to achieve as a woman: Missy

A full-time psychology student staying in a dormitory and doing her own laundry is not the way a multiple Olympic and world champion athlete is normally introduced, but then American swimming sensation Missy Franklin is one of a kind.

Perceived control reduces mortality risk only for lower educated people

Researchers have found that adults without college degrees live longer if they feel like they`re in control of their lives and those who feel little control are three times as likely to die.

A little narcissism can make you a good leader

A moderate amount of narcissism in your style of functioning can actually make you a more effective leader across the spectrum.

Comics have psychotic personality traits: Study

Comedians have high levels of psychotic traits and an unusual personality structure which may explain why they are so entertaining, scientists say.

Daily routines may influence sleep quality, quantity

Maintaining a consistent daily routine may be linked to better sleep, according to a small new study.

Time does stand still when you are in love: study

The popular belief that time seems to slow down or even stop when falling in love at first sight may actually be true, a new research suggests.

Gender of speaker may affect how we understand words

Sex of a speaker may determine how quickly and accurately we understand words, a new study suggests.

Memory testing can age older adults in minutes

Older adults who feel younger than they really are might want to steer clear of memory tests, or risk feeling older, a new study suggests.

Psychology research can be used to promote peace: Study

Understanding of psychology has been able to highlight the causes of war and conflict, however, research of the same subject can also be used to promote peace and overturn conflict, a new study has revealed.