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Do antipsychotics do more good than harm?

Do antipsychotics do more good than harm?

The experts concluded that, for the patients with schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders, antipsychotic medications do not have negative long-term effects on patients` outcomes or the brain. 

Thickening of neck artery is evident in young patients with early psychosis

Several studies have shown the strong relationship between these disorders and later risk of developing cardiovascular disease, with high rates of mortality. 

New detection method paves way for early prevention of psychosis

Scientists have developed a new probability model that has shown 70 percent accuracy in predicting patients, who are at greatest risk of having their first psychotic episode within 12 months, compared with the 28 percent accuracy of the current criteria.

Key biological markers for psychotic disorders identified

Each participant went through a battery of tests designed to assess their cognitive abilities.

Know how hallucinations emerge

The experiment showed a larger performance improvement in people with very early signs of psychosis in comparison to the healthy control group.