Meet Korea's Peter Pan, the 26 year-old-man who looks like a boy!

 A Korean 26-year-old man recently created a stir on Internet as he was captured drinking booze and getting in nightclubs even though he looks like a 12-year-old kid.

High salt diet may delay puberty: Study

Consuming excess dietary salt may result in late onset of puberty that can lead to behavioural problems, stress and reduced fertility, new research says.

Daily fizzy drinks cause 'early puberty', increase 'breast cancer' risks in girls

A new study has revealed that girls who drink a can and a half of sugary cola, lemonade or other fizzy drinks a day are increasing their risk of breast cancer.

Early puberty increases depression risk in teens

A new study has claimed that kids who enter puberty ahead of their peers are at higher risks of depression.

`Tick tock` speeds up a woman`s biological clock

The subtle sound of a ticking clock may increase a woman`s urge to marry and start a family at an earlier age, a new study suggests.

Girls` puberty age depends on which parent`s `imprinted gene` they carry

A new study has found that the puberty age of girls largely depends on which of the two parents` `imprinted` genes they have.

How caffeine affects boys, girls after puberty

After puberty, boys and girls experience different heart rate and blood pressure changes after consuming caffeinated sodas and energy drinks, new research says.

Early learning may keep brain cells alive

Using your brain - particularly during adolescence - may help brain cells survive and could impact how the brain functions after puberty, a new study suggests.

New stem cell breakthrough brings breast cancer treatment closer to reality

A team of researchers has discovered that breast stem cells and their `daughters` have a much longer lifespan than previously thought, and are active in puberty and throughout life.

Skin care: 5 home remedies to cure pimples

Acne is amongst the most common skin problems that people of all age groups, especially teenagers face. There can be many reasons that attribute to the cause of the acne like stress, puberty, hormonal changes, menopause etc.

High-fat diet in puberty may up breast cancer risk

Eating a high-fat diet in puberty may increase the risk of aggressive breast cancer in younger adult women, a new study has warned.

Drinking alcohol during puberty makes you addicts

People who begin drinking alcohol during puberty are more likely to become addicts, a German study has said.

Boozing during puberty may lead to higher intake of alcohol in future

People who have their first drink during puberty have a greater risk of developing alcohol problems later in life, new research has suggested.

Brain adds new cells in puberty: Study

The brain adds new cells during puberty to help navigate the complex social world of adulthood, a new study has found.

`It is a myth that acne will clear on its own once a person reaches adulthood`

Acne or Acne vulgaris is amongst the most common skin problem that is encountered by people of all age groups, especially teenagers.

Junk food causing puberty as early as age 6

The onset of puberty has fallen by more than five years in girls – with experts blaming kids’ unhealthy lifestyles for it.

`Deep sleep, not brain, switches on puberty`

Slow-wave or deep sleep may be the controlling factor in the onset of puberty, rather than the involvement of any brain part in this process, says a US study.

Childhood obesity could erode fertility later

A sharp spike in childhood obesity may more than damage overall health -- it could be disrupting the onset of puberty and erode the ability to reproduce.

Prenatal exposure to environmental chemicals delays puberty in male offspring

Exposure to the environmental contaminants polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, in the womb causes long-term changes to the developing brain that have adverse effects on reproductive function later in life.

Orangutans put off puberty to build up strength

Male orangutans are ready for reproduction around the age of 15 but they also need to develop secondary sexual characteristics in order to attract a female.