Incredible video! Lost puppy rescued from open sea

When the sailors spotted the yellow puppy in the Gulf of Naples they could hardly comprehend.

Kylie Jenner has puppy costing $50,000!
Kylie Jenner has puppy costing $50,000!

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner's four-legged, furry family has been expanding and now has a puppy that reportedly cost $50,000.

Watch: Adorable puppy doing push-ups with owner
Watch: Adorable puppy doing push-ups with owner

`A dog is man's best friend` is not just a saying. The videos shared here show a dog matching owner's moves in a gym, leaving every viewer go `awww`.

Justin Bieber introduces new puppy Esther
Justin Bieber introduces new puppy Esther

Pop sensation Justin Bieber has introduced his new puppy on Instagram. Bieber, 21, named his close friend Esther and called it a new member of his family.

Paris Hilton shells out $25K on pomeranians!
Paris Hilton shells out $25K on pomeranians!

The super famous socialite Paris Hilton has outdone herself one more time. The hotel heiress spent around $25K on two pomeranians, reportedly. Paris got two adorable pups—one for gifting her mother Kathy Hilton on her 35th wedding anniversary and the other one for herself.

Justin Bieber names puppy Karma

Pop star Justin Bieber has named his new bulldog puppy Karma.

Want to gift your child a pet? Try robotic Zoomer dog!

For those who want to pet a puppy but cannot for their `hairy issues` and concern for kids, techies have developed a robotic dog that would charm people for all the canine ability, but of course in a toy-ish manner.

All life forms worshipped in India: Narendra Modi on `puppy` remark

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has defended his `puppy` remarks, made during an interview with a news agency while talking about the 2002 post Godhra riots.

Narendra Modi`s `puppy` comment triggers uproar, parties slam him

A political uproar erupted over Gujarat CM Narendra Modi`s comment on 2002 riots, with parties like Samajwadi Party, CPI(M), CPI and JD(U) saying he compared muslims to `puppy` and should apologise.

Chris Brown renames puppy

Rapper Chris Brown says he has renamed his new English bulldog puppy from Chief to X. ‘X’ is the title of Brown`s forthcoming album.

MCD employee tries to kill student for stealing puppy

Hitesh (21) complained to police that he was threatened
by one Monu and later he along with Manjeet, Karambir, Leelu
and Vineet came to his farm.

Raveena welcomes new family member

Raveena Tandon has added to her five pets by adopting a street puppy.

Miley Cyrus gets puppy for boyfriend’s 22nd birthday

Liam Hemsworth was gifted a puppy in honour of his 22nd birthday by his devoted girlfriend Miley Cyrus.

Prince William gifts a puppy to wife

Britain`s Prince William reportedly bought the Duchess of Cambridge a puppy on her birthday.

Singing toy puppy starts swearing

My Pal Violet toy started swearing when Leigh pressed its paw.

5-yr-old boy names Putin`s new puppy

A five-year-old boy has won the competition of naming Vladimir Putin`s Puppy.

Putin seeks name suggestions for new puppy

Russian PM has sought the help of Russians to suggest a new name for a puppy gifted by his Bulgarian counterpart.

Bulgarian PM gifts puppy to Putin

The Russian Premier accepted his "new family member", kissing it on the nose.