Australian airlines cautiously resume flights to Bali

Qantas` low-cost subsidiary Jetstar on Thursday resumed flights to and from the Indonesian holiday island of Bali, but rival Virgin Australia will delay its services due to volcanic ash plumes.

Australian flag carrier Qantas world's safest airline

 Australian flag carrier Qantas has been named the world`s safest airline in a report published by Wednesday.

Man tried to break into cockpit: Australia police

Australian police said on Friday they had restrained a man as he tried to break into the cockpit of a commercial Qantas flight en route to the Philippines.

Crocodile found roaming in plane`s cargo hold

A crocodile escaped from its cage on a domestic flight in Oz and was found roaming free in the cargo hold when the plane touched down in Melbourne.

Oz airline goes under, strands 4,000 travellers

Around 4,000 passengers were overseas with Air Australia round-trip tickets, voluntary administrator Mark Korda said.

Qantas to give away 1L free tickets to passengers

Qantas will give away 100,000 free air tickets to over 70,000 travellers who were stranded in 22 cities across the

Qantas cancels Australian flights due to strike

Qantas Airways said 8,500 domestic and international passengers will have their flights disrupted by strikes.

Not seen full movie on flight? Download it

Qantas will next month start trials of the application, "Q Streaming", which allows people to download movies and other content to iPads on one of its Boeing 767s.

Qantas flight returns to Bangkok after engine shutdown

A Qantas flight from Bangkok to London has been forced to return to Bangkok.

Qantas flight turns back after engine problems

An Australian airliner Qantas
flight from Perth to Newman was forced to turn back Monday due to engine problems.

Qantas plane turns back after cabin smoke

The Boeing 737 turned back in line with the airline`s safety policy.

Investigators blame A380 failure on oil fire

ATSB says manufacturing defect in Rolls-Royce engine could cause such fires.

Australian probe cites `critical` issue with A380 engine

Australian officials report a "critical safety issue" with Rolls-Royce unit.

Qantas flight grounded due to wiring problem

Qantas grounded a Boeing 747 overnight because of a wiring malfunction.

40 engines on A380s need to be replaced: Qantas

One of the Trent 900s on a Qantas superjumbo caught fire and blew apart shortly after takeoff from Singapore on November 4.

Forty engines on A380s need to be replaced: Qantas

Rolls-Royce has ensured it would replace modules aboard Trent 900 engines.

Qantas 747 returns to Sydney, A380s stay grounded

Argentina-bound jet returned after experiencing suspected electrical fault.

Qantas keeps A380s grounded over engine `anomalies`

Rigorous testing had found leaking oil in three of the Rolls-Royce engines.

Missing turbine part key to A380 emergency probe

Qantas hopes to have its grounded fleet of A380s back in service within days.

Qantas says fleet safe after `unrelated` mid-air incidents

Rolls-Royce engines were fitted to the A380 and to the Boeing 747-400.