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NASA-Google AI lab gets super quantum computer

NASA-Google AI lab gets super quantum computer

Google and NASA have announced the installation of a new state-of-the-art quantum computer at their Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab (QuAIL) that will solve some "impossible" calculations for them.

'Purified' silicon nudges quantum computing ahead

The quantum computer is a futuristic machine that could operate at speeds even more mind-boggling than fastest super-computers in existence.

Tiny crystal `revolutionises computer`

Scientists have made a tiny crystal which they claim will take quantum computing to the next level, creating one of the world`s most powerful computers ever developed.

Tiny supercomputer of 1 atom thickness developed

A physicist from Sydney has created a tiny computer of 300 atoms hovering in space.

Quantum computer built within diamond

Researchers have built a quantum computer in a diamond, the first of its kind to include protection against “decoherence” – noise that does not allow the computer to function correctly.

Quantum computer on the anvil?

Today`s computers use binary bits of data that are either ones or zeros. Quantum computers would use quantum bits, or "qubits", which can be both ones and zeros at the same time, thanks to the quirks of quantum mechanics.

Scientists can now control super-fast quantum computer

Scientists have succeeded in controlling the building blocks of a future super-fast quantum computer.

Quantum computer used to calculate exact energy of molecular hydrogen

Scientists have used a quantum computer to calculate the precise energy of molecular hydrogen, which could have profound implications not just for quantum chemistry, but also for a range of fields.

Scientists closer to build a practical quantum computer

Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, US, have demonstrated sustained, reliable information processing operations on charged atoms, thus raising prospects for building a practical quantum computer.