Quantum dots

Novel 'dot' system may improve cancer detection

Novel 'dot' system may improve cancer detection

The nanosystem, which achieves a five-fold increase over existing tumour-specific optical imaging methods, generates bright tumour signals by delivering quantum dots to cancer cells without any toxic effects.

Aug 27, 2017, 15:13 PM IST

New QD technology to make screens brighter

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, have developed a new method to extract more polarised light from quantum dots (QDs) over a large-scale area.

Aug 08, 2015, 15:08 PM IST

Chinese firm to unveil world's largest television

 Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer TCL has announced that it will unveil a new television model with a curved screen which uses ultra high definition 4K technology and measures 110 inches, putting it in the Guinness record books for the world's largest television.

Jan 06, 2015, 20:07 PM IST

Now, LCD screens to get `richly colored` thanks to quantum dots

New high-tech specks called quantum dots have been designed to make LCD screens more richly colored.

Aug 11, 2014, 19:39 PM IST

Researchers create first man-made `living materials`

Inspired by natural materials like bone, engineers from MIT were able to coax bacterial cells to produce biofilms, which can incorporate nonliving materials, such as gold nanoparticles and quantum dots.

Mar 24, 2014, 19:07 PM IST

Quantum dots may make unbreakable message exchange possible

Researchers have improved a method to make secure codes called quantum key distribution (QKD) by using the smallest possible packets of light.

Aug 05, 2012, 13:12 PM IST