Researchers discover new material for quantum computing

A common blue pigment that is used in the 5-pound-note could have an important role to play in quantum computer`s development, according to a new research.

Breakthrough in large-scale quantum computing

Researchers have worked out a process that may permit quick and reliable transfer of quantum information through a computer.

Quantum teleportation record smashed

Chinese engineers have shed a new record for quantum teleportation by successfully pairing particles over a distance of 97km.

`Quantum computers will happen in our lifetime`

IBM scientists have made a significant step towards creating ‘quantum computers’ that would be faster than any supercomputer on Earth.

Quantum computer on the anvil?

Today`s computers use binary bits of data that are either ones or zeros. Quantum computers would use quantum bits, or "qubits", which can be both ones and zeros at the same time, thanks to the quirks of quantum mechanics.