RAF to set up five new battalions in country: DGP

Rapid Action Force (RAF) will set up five new battalions in the country, Director General of Police (DGP), Central Reserve Protection Force (CRPF) announced here on Tuesday.

New tell-all book reveals how RAF shot down UFO in `47

Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots shot down a UFO that was threatening Britain and Whitehall covered it up, according to a new book `The Berwyn Mountains Incident Revealed`, penned by Sven Sven Lumley.

British airmen mark 70 years since `Great Escape`

Fifty British airmen on Tuesday began a long trek in Poland marking 70 years since an audacious World War II breakout by Allied prisoners of war immortalised in the film "The Great Escape".

Prince William`s time in RAF as chopper pilot ends

Prince William`s stint as an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot has ended, British media reported on Wednesday.

RAF plans to use only non-lethal weapons in Jharkhand

The Rapid Action Force (RAF) will use only non-lethal weapons during riot controlling operations, a senior RAF officer said on Tuesday.

RAF to be armed with non-lethal weapons: Govt

The government will arm the
exclusive riot control force of the country - RAF - with
modern non-lethal weapons to tackle violent disturbances
effectively across the country.

West hits Libya forces, France sees "weeks" of war

The Libyan desert town of Ajdabiya has been under siege for more than a week.

Revealed: RAF’s bizarre plot to kidnap Hitler

The RAF chiefs had planned to recruit Adolf Hitler`s personal pilot as a secret agent.

Prince William undertakes 1st air-sea rescue mission with RAF

Prince William has successfully completed his first air-sea rescue mission with the RAF.

Faux pas by RAF draws objection from UN body

A minor faux pas by the Rapid
Action Force (RAF) which "inadvertently" used helmets with
`UN` painted on them in Srinagar has drawn objection of United
Nations Military Observer Group in the Kashmir Valley.

RAF, KSRP commandos to be deployed in Bellary

Rapid Action Force personnel and
Karnataka State Reserve Police commandos would be deployed in
this city tomorrow to meet any eventuality during the
culmination of the 16-day Congress rally here, police said.

RAF on procurement spree for anti-riot kits

The Rapid Action Force of the
CRPF is undergoing an upgrading process, being on a
procurement spree for riot control kits.

UK under-resourced to fight a war with Iran: Expert

Britain does not have sufficient military resources to engage in an immediate war with Iran, as most of its resources are directed towards the Afghanistan campaign, a leading defence expert has warned.

CRPF, RAF capable of handling all kind of situations: IG

Assuring safety to every
citizen of the state, CRPF Inspector General (Western sector)
E Radhakrishnaiah, today said that his team was capable of
handling all kind of situations.