Goa Cong opposes usage of word `negro` for African nationals

Goa Congress on Wednesday objected to the usage of the word "negros" in the official documents by the state government to refer to the African nationals.

Usher defends Justin Bieber for his racist comments

Usher defended Justin Bieber over his racist `n` word videos that were released recently.

Justin Bieber is not a racist: Usher

Singer Usher has defended his fellow colleague Justin Bieber, after the pop star was filmed using a racial slur in two leaked videos.

Anti-Qatar World Cup campaign blasted as `racist`

Asia`s top Olympic official blasted accusations of corruption against Qatar`s 2022 World Cup campaign as being "racist" attacks on Arabs.

Floyd Mayweather Jr defends Justin Bieber over racist joke scandal

Floyd Mayweather Jr defended Justin Bieber for the racist `n` word joke that he had cracked as a young teen.

Singapore activists warn of surging xenophobia

Guest workers and expatriates are increasingly the target of "xenophobic" attacks on social media, Singapore`s leading activists groups warned Wednesday.

Lawmaker urges hearing on `derogatory` Redskins name

A veteran US lawmaker Friday called for a congressional hearing on the Washington Redskins name, arguing such action could serve as a "catalyst" to rid American football of a term regarded as overtly racist by many.

Michael Jordan say he was racist in new book

Basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan says in a new book that he considered himself a racist growing up.

`Hello Kitty` video is not racist: Avril Lavigne

Singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne has claimed that the new music video of her track `Hello Kitty` is not racist. The 29-year-old pop star defended the video after the critics slammed it, reportedly.

Massive opposition to `60-40` quotas in SA sports favouring black players

A South African civil rights body and trade union have said that they will oppose the implementation of 60-40 quotas in sports favouring black players.

Lily Allen in racist storm

Singer Lily Allen has courted criticism for using "black women as props" in her new music video.

Israeli plan for Jewish Negev town `racist`: NGO

An Israeli human rights organisation today accused the government of promoting "racist" policies in its decision to establish a Jewish town in the place of a Bedouin village.

Racist graffiti sprayed on UK mosque

Racist graffiti, including Nazi swastikas, were sprayed on the walls and windows of a mosque in the West Midlands region of England today, prompting police to launch an investigation.

UK police must probe racist murder `smear` claim: PM

Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday urged Scotland Yard to investigate reports that police spied on the family of the victim of Britain`s most notorious racist murder in a bid to smear them.

France attack on Chinese students denounced online

Chinese Internet users reacted with outrage to reports of a racist assault on six Chinese oenology students studying in France on Sunday.

Thatcher wasn`t a racist, says ex-S African prez De Klerk

De Klerk added that he consulted with Thatcher during the dying year of apartheid, to inform her about his "intention of embarking on fundamental constitutional transformation".

Indian migrants will occupy Australia like Fiji, said Thatcher

Carr said the conservative "Iron Lady", who died in London on Monday, had told him Australia could end up like Fiji "where the Indian migrants have taken over".

Racist, sexist graffiti over new World Trade Center bathrooms

Workers in World Trade Center have been ordered to clean the racist and sexist graffiti symbolizing national unity in bathrooms.

Frankie Boyle wins £54k libel payout after being branded racist by newspaper

Comedian Frankie Boyle has been awarded more than 54,000 pounds in damages after a High Court jury found that he had been libelled by a newspaper which described him as “racist.”

Tattoos on Gurdwara shooter`s body hid racist codes

Wade Michael Page left behind a startling trail of clues detailing his descent into hate in the tattoos.